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Weird Summer

It’s been a weird summer so far for the NBA.  Just a few examples…

– Howard leaves LA for Houston.  That’s not the weird part, the weird part is that it seems like the Clippers might end up being the better LA team for the next 4 or 5 years.

– Phil Jackson’s Twitter account.  Is he spelling the words wrong on purpose or does he not know how to spell. (TLT understands not being able to spell)

– Al Jefferson going to the Bobcats.  Why would any Free Agent ever go to the Bobcats?  Jefferson couldn’t have got paid by someone like Atlanta or Dallas?

– Metta World Peace going to New York.  It’s not weird that LA would Amnesty him, not when 23 million is going to be saved, but it’s weird that the Knicks would want him.  Does New York now have the roster most likely to end up in jail, since the Trailblazers of the late 90’s early 2000’s?

– Jason Kidd as the Nets new coach… weird right?  Even weirder Jason’s old coach Lawrence Frank is now Kidd Assistant Coach.  Somehow it feels like Frank will be doing all the heavy lifting here, while Jason does all the media stuff.

– Miami waving Miller.  Again, like Metta, not too weird that they’d wanna save the money.  Weird that Miller wouldn’t just take this opportunity to call it a career.

– Pierce, Garnett, Terry, Kirilenko, Johnson, Williams, Livingston (didn’t realize he was there), Lopez, and Stachhouse (just checked their roster online and cannot believe that Stackhouse is on the team… although he is listed as a Free Agent, so maybe he won’t be there at the start of the season)  That is one VERY WEIRD team, with Kidd as Coach.

– All this talk about Kobe being ready for the start of the season.  Is it just TheLongTalk or does that seem beyond human?  Can’t imagine he’ll actually be ready to go on day one and even if he is…. what then?

– The pu pu plater that Dallas is calling Plan B.  Did anyone miss bigger this off season then Dallas?  Poor Dirk is going to retire with only that one title.

– No Allen Iverson rumors, yet.  Seems like each of the last 4 or 5 summers were spent wondering where AI would land when he finally landed back in the NBA.