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The Dwightmare saga starts again

Here we go again. Every time this happens he says ,”ah no, it wont happen like that again. I’ll be straight up, and i’ll make a good decision…” bla bla bla. It happens every time Dwight Howards gets a chance to look at his options. Why can’t he just make a decision. It’s truly not that hard.

Scenario number 1: Houston has space to bring you in and work you in the offense, but does not have the salary cap space to give you a max contract. Are you looking for money or are you looking for rings? If you’re looking for money don’t come here. If you’re looking to compete for rings for a few years, it’s worth a look. You’ll fit into the offense and alleviate some of the pain from James Harden & company. That being said, are you willing to live in the footsteps and shadows of The Dream?

Scenario number 2: Golden State Warriors can offer you a nice contract, and young, talented nucleus that already competed for the western conference crown without you. Add your talented big man to the roster and all of the sudden they can get over the hump and into the finals. Steph Curry is without a doubt a premier guard. He is looking to be a perennial all star as well. With his ability to shoot from anywhere (literally, anywhere) on the court  it will free up space to let you work the post game and teams will not be able to double team both of you. This is a great destination because you get money, you get very talented all stars around you, and you have nobody’s shadow to live in, and you’re making your own way. In Houston you’re in The Dream’s shadows, in LA you’re doing EXACTLY what Shaq did (leaving Orlando for LA, and your nickname isn’t helping matters at all).You’re not living up to Shaq and you’re not as humble as Hakeem. This is your best shot to be your own man.

Scenario number 3: You go to LA, you get a max contract. You fight and bicker with Kobe because you don’t take anything seriously, ever. Kobe will push you to be the best, and quite possibly will help you elevate your game to a whole new level and show you how to be a champion. After all his Laker squad did destroy you in the NBA Finals and won the championship on your home court. That being said, are you willing to do what Kobe says when Kobe says it? Do you truly want to live in the limelight of the prime time entertainment that guys like Magic, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, Big Shot Bob all brought to the table? Do you want to be compared to Shaq for your entire career? Can you handle the pressure? I doubt it.

If Dwight Howard truly wants money, a chance to win, a chance to create a name for himself and to be his own man, he truly needs to go to Golden State Warriors and bring a championship home to the bay area. Mark Jackson is a great coach, and the team is loaded with young talent, Dwight will fit in perfectly. Go there big man and make a name for yourself. Go anywhere else and you’ll always be under a microscope to someone else. Just ask LeBron how fun that is and he isn’t even wearing 23 anymore or playing in Chicago.

Kevin Garnett you did decide the game, not the refs

As the(too)longtalk knows I hate the “let the players decide the game at the end and just have the refs swallow the whistle” unspoken rule.  I hate it and last night we saw another perfect example of why this should not be the thinking of athletes, announcers, ESPN employees, and Shaq.  Garnett clearly set a moving screen last night on Andre Iguodala that should have been called and I’m glad it was.  AI 2.0 nearly avoided the screen altogether and Garnett leans into Iguodala and even pushed him.  Are you kidding me?  You don’t want a foul called there?  Are you serious?  You want the first 30 seconds called differently than the last 30 seconds?  But only if its a close game?  I don’t get it and I am so glad the officials blew the whistle and made the right call.

The officials didn’t decide this game, you did Kevin Garnett with YOUR foul.  The refs didn’t set a moving screen, Kevin Garnett did.  The refs didn’t get warned many other times during the game to stop setting moving screen, Kevin Garnett did.  Kevin, the refs didn’t make you one of the dirtiest players in the game, you did that yourself, and you fouled Iguodala and you were called for it as you should’ve been.  The refs didn’t do it, you did.  The refs didn’t decide the game, you did.

Also, this is reason 34,532 that Shaq is an idiot, it was a foul the BIG OVER-RATED, and it should have been called.