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New Big 3 on the West Coast

Maybe I’m missing something, but I believe I was scoffed at when I previously mentioned the possibility of Carmelo and LeBron going to Los Angeles next year to usher in a new era of Laker Legends.


NBC Sports is reporting on the possibility, ESPN is reporting on it, Bleacher Report is reporting on it, and I had already mentioned the possibility long ago. Thank you everyone for finally catching up.

Probability is less than 50% but everyone is talking about it, and for good reason. It is possible.

A new big 3 for 2014?

Although the NBA tried to stop teams from creating a big 3 or a big 2 1/2. While this years NBA Free Agency lacked movement I suspect next seasons is already being planned. You may be wondering why I say this, and while people in Cleveland have their panties in a bundle and their rally caps on, I would not be surprised to see LA Lakers make a pitch to get LeBron, and Carmello to come to LA. Kobe will get a significantly reduced contract, Melo can play the 3, LeBron can play the 4, Kobe at 2, Pau & Kaman at the 5, Nash running the point they would absolutely destroy the entire NBA as we know it. For the first time since Chicago, a team would finally be able to compete with the 72-10 record.

2014 Lakers should go after and sign LeBron and Carmello to contracts to usher in a new era of Show Time and help gracefully usher Kobe’s era out with another championship.


Nash in LA LA Land

Steve Nash ending his career, most likely, in LA is weird.  It’s not as weird as Jason Kidd going out of the league as a New York Knick, but it’s definitely not normal.

TheLongTalk would’ve suspected Nash would resign with Phoenix or maybe take the BIG money offer that Toronto made.  TLT wouldn’t have been surprised to see Nash land in Miami or even to see him end up back once more with Dirk and the Mavericks.  But LA.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Kobe/Nash paring, plays out.  Clearly a top notch Point Guard, Nash should be able to command the respect required to reign in Kobe’s chucker tendencies. (Kobe is one of the leagues biggest and best chuckers)

The real questions is, in the aftermath of this deal, does LA get past Miami?

TheLongTalk’s take… No.  Not that Miami is unstoppable, but the team that just won the title is too good to be taken down by the Lakers, as currently constructed.  Now if they were to add an All Star Center or maybe a sharp shooting Celtic… that might be a different story.

The thing is Chalmers can handle the senior version of Nash.  Wade/James working together or alone can handle senior Kobe.  Gasol, if he’s getting enough touches, will torch Bosh and Bynum should be able to outpace Anthony or whoever else Miami puts at the center of the paint.  And so it might seem like a very good match however – who on the Lakers handles LeBron?

Artest?  No way.  Kobe?  Maybe a few years ago, but not now, not if LA wants to keep him on the floor and out of foul trouble.  The Lakers don’t have a single player on their roster that can handle LeBron.  Maybe, maybe Matt Barnes could slow him down.

So TLT would say that as things sit right now, the Miami Heat would beat the LA Lakers if they both made the Finals… even with Nash at Point.  It’d be a good series, but it’d end the same way this last one did.


TheLongTalk examines a couple of NBA story lines.

Lin-sanity - This is a fun story… unless you’re Baron Davis.  TheLongTalk wishes the best of luck to the hot hand in The Big Apple, but suspects that this to shall PASS.  Once defenses get targeted in on Lin and when Carmelo and Amare come back his number will drop off a cliff.  But his play time should stay high and that’s gotta be exciting for him.

Rose’s Back - If you’re the Bulls and you’re counting on Boozer to keep the ship afloat, you’re in trouble.  Boozer is good, paid like he’s great, and talked about like he’s better than average.  But TLT sees in Carlos a bit of the old Keith Van Horn.  A baller that has all the skills needed to be good, but is missing greatness.  It’s not Boozers fault, but the Bull had better hope Rose gets BACK in the game.

Kobe’s Not The Best Laker - Kobe forces shots, then when things aren’t working out, he forces more shots.  Now that’d get most people tossed or sent to the far end of the bench, but Kobe makes a lot of big shots.  TheLongTalk can’t think of a player that’s better at hitting (or taking) a shot that never should have been taken.  Some of the stuff Bryant chucks up there, it’s amazing it goes through the hoop.  Even still, he’s not better than Kareem.

The Heat - These guys have the ring.  It’s there’s to loss.  The shortened season, the new CBA, their youth, their stock pile of top talent, their deeper than it looks bench, every thing’s stacked in their favor.  It’s up to them to actually win it, and that is why we play the games, cause nothings set in stone.  But this team should take the title.

Trading Howard - TheLongTalk wouldn’t do it, at least not during the season.  The risk of losing Howard and getting nothing in return isn’t a risk at all.  REPEAT, the Orlando Magic will not lose Dwight Howard without getting something in return.  Now they might not get something great and they might not get exactly what they want… but honestly Dwight Howard is pretty great and he’s exactly what they want, so his leaving sorta takes those two things off the table anyway.  What Orlando will get is a sign-and-trade.  Howard isn’t going to leave 20 or 30 million dollars on the table to sign outright as a free agent.  He’s gonna want a sign-and-trade and that gives Orlando some leverage.  Not much, but some and some is really the most they’ll get anyway.

Arenas to LA - TLT would take the chance if the money was right, but nothing over a year and nothing over 4 million.

That’s TheLongTalk’s Take