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New Big 3 on the West Coast

Maybe I’m missing something, but I believe I was scoffed at when I previously mentioned the possibility of Carmelo and LeBron going to Los Angeles next year to usher in a new era of Laker Legends.


NBC Sports is reporting on the possibility, ESPN is reporting on it, Bleacher Report is reporting on it, and I had already mentioned the possibility long ago. Thank you everyone for finally catching up.

Probability is less than 50% but everyone is talking about it, and for good reason. It is possible.

A new big 3 for 2014?

Although the NBA tried to stop teams from creating a big 3 or a big 2 1/2. While this years NBA Free Agency lacked movement I suspect next seasons is already being planned. You may be wondering why I say this, and while people in Cleveland have their panties in a bundle and their rally caps on, I would not be surprised to see LA Lakers make a pitch to get LeBron, and Carmello to come to LA. Kobe will get a significantly reduced contract, Melo can play the 3, LeBron can play the 4, Kobe at 2, Pau & Kaman at the 5, Nash running the point they would absolutely destroy the entire NBA as we know it. For the first time since Chicago, a team would finally be able to compete with the 72-10 record.

2014 Lakers should go after and sign LeBron and Carmello to contracts to usher in a new era of Show Time and help gracefully usher Kobe’s era out with another championship.