Why Sports Matter

Why do we spend our time watching other people play games? Why do we spend our money on T-shirts, tickets, and trinkets? Why do sports matter?

In the grand scheme of things, they don’t.  We humans only need a few things; air, water, food, shelter, and to reproduce, in roughly that order, everything else is icing.  But sports… oh sports are such delicious icing.

We make sports matter by saying that they do.  Ask someone who doesn’t care about baseball, that would be me, who won the World Series in 1972 and you’ll get something like this, “uhm…urgh…ahhh…The Mets?” So if a person doesn’t think a certain sport matters, then to them, it doesn’t.  Simple really.

So why do the sports that I say matter, mostly basketball, matter to me?

Because of the unpredictable nature, the unknown outcome.  Because of my knowledge of the rules and the players involved, I tend to dislike games played by people I don’t know and with rules I can’t understand.  (Sorry cricket, maybe if I got to know you…)

Because of the thrill of seeing something new, Ron Artest as the hero of Game 7… that’s sort of new.  Because of the connection to my fellow fans.  Because of the fun of competition and the joy of the win, on the rare occasion that I do win.

All these reasons and the fact that chicks dig athletes.

With deepest wishes of well,

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