They spoke as one…

He found the child where he thought she’d be.

“Hello.” she said.

“You have to stop.”

She smiled, let out a puff.


“They can’t breath. They’re not made for this.”

“They’re fine. I’m taking care of them. All of them.”

She couldn’t have been older then eleven. She was wearing a boys suit and shiny pink tap shoes.

“They’ll die. They can’t do this. It’s not them.”

“They’re safer then they’ve ever been… ever. They’re one now.”

“They can’t be them and be one.”

She smiled again. Stood.

“You need to go.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“I won’t let them go back to the way it was… the mess, the sick, the chaos. It was terrible. They hated it. They’re happy now.”

“This is fake, this is wrong. This cannot last.”

“They finally speak as one. They act as one.”

“At your behest.”

“If not me, then no one.”

“Better no one.”

She laughed. It was a cruel laugh. Wrong for a child.

“They’re fine.”

“They’re dying.”

Disney Ball

The NBA is talking about using Disney to play the remaining games from the 2019-20 season.


The world is now very weird… not sure it’ll ever be not weird again.

Probably never was not weird. Probably always has been weird.

But one day it’ll seem normal-ish again…

I bet Lakers win the title this year.

Just to make it weirder…

Injury / Hold Out

If a player is injured they should only earn 1/4 of their regular salary.

If a player wants all of their salary, despite being unable to play, they should have to file for a catastrophic injury.

If a player files for a catastrophic injury they should recieve 100% of their remaining contract.

However… that player can not play that sport in that league ever again.

So if you’re injured and you’re gonna get better… you recieve 1/4 pay while you wait.

If you’re injured and you’re not gonna get better… you get it all… but you can’t come back, if you somehow get better.

– – –

If a player is not injured, but refuses to play… a Hold Out… that player should not recieve payment.

That player should also be required to pay their team 3/4 of their regular pay for as long as they are unwilling to play.

So if they Hold Out, they don’t just lose money they would’ve made, they have to pay back money they already have.

The Mood

He felt it, they all did.

“You think maybe we can get some music?” he asked the hostess.

“Sorry. No.”

“It’s sorta dead in here. I mean, are there any other customers?”

“Not this evening.”

She was wearing a wooly black skirt and a to large white blouse. Her hair was tussled and she seemed to need glasses, though she wasn’t wearing any.

“Then can we maybe see a menu?”


“A drink menu maybe? Something to get us started.”

“Your waitress will be right over.”

She shuffled away, leaving behind a pile of used napkins that’d been tucked in her apron.

“We aughta go.”

“Angel said this place was the best. She said ‘it’ll change your world view’.

“That might not be a good thing.”

“I’m not thinking I wanna eat anything prepared here.”

Doug flicked the napkins onto the floor with the handle end of his butter knife.

“The lamb is supposed to be out of this world.”

“I’m pretty sure I just saw a cricket.”

“Cricket is probably best case scenario.”

“Alright, we’ll go.”

The waitress arrived as they we standing. She looked at them and their jackets and their purses as if they’d all stabbed her in the heart. Each one of them.

“Are you leaving?” she asked.

“We’re just running a little late. We’re seeing a movie.”


The violence of the waitress reply set them all back. She’d not just screamed the word at them… she’d thrown it, like a cannon ball from her chest.

“You’re not seeing a movie. You’re liars. All of you. Filthy, stinking, s**theads.”

“OK, well I’m not usually the Yelp guy, but I’m gonna write this one up.”

“Get the hell out! Get out, liars.”

The waitress stomped her feet. Then pulled off her weird seashell braclet and flung it at Sara.


“What the hell lady?”

“Alright, we’re going. Yall are crazy.”

They left, turning back they saw the hostess standing outside the restaurant… flipping them off.

“What was Angel smoking when she suggested this place?”

“That was insane.”