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Let’s Let Everybody Play!

Right now the NBA is taking a break, giving 16 teams a couple of days to prepare for the Playoffs… but what about the other teams? What about the 14 squads that don’t get to play… they’re planning vacations instead of First Round rotations? Why not let EVERYBODY play!

Why not set up a 30 team bracket, with 5 Rounds of basketball. The First Round could be a Best of 3… perfect for some exciting upsets, Second and Third Rounds as Best of 5, Fourth and Final are your customary Best of 7.

Here’s what it’d look like with the 2018/19 end of season standings…

30 Teams (2 First Round Byes)

Bucks (1) get a Bye

Pistons (16) vs. Hornets (17) – A nice matchup of evenly matched opponents.

Celtics (9) vs. Mavs (24)

Jazz (8) vs. Wizards (25)

– – –

Nuggets (4) vs. Suns (29)

Clippers (12) vs. Lakers (20) – The League would LOVE to see LeBron play LA in LA… could The King win 2 of 3 all by himself?

Spurs (12) vs. Wolves (21)

Rockets (5) vs. Cavaliers (28)

– – –

Raptors (2) get a Bye

Nets (15) vs. Kings (18)

Thunder (10) vs. New Orleans (23)

Sixers (7) vs. Hawks (26)

– – –

Warriors (3) vs. Knicks (30) – This one would be interesting cause of all the Durant to New York stuff… but not cause of the basketball

Magic (14) vs. Heat (19)

Pacers (11) vs. Grizzlies (22)

Trailblazers (6) vs. Bulls (27)


The system needs to change… let’s let everyone into the Playoffs… let’s let EVERYONE PLAY!

So VERY Wrong

TheLongTalk made some PreSeason NBA Predictions (Scroll down and you’ll see the post) about the final standings for all 30 teams… and man, was TheLongTalk ever WRONG…

East Prediction / East Reality

Celtics / Bucks
Raptors / Raptors (1 of 5)
Pacers / Sixers
Bucks / Celtics
Sixers / Pacers
Wizards / Nets
Cavaliers / Magic
Hornets / Pistons

Knicks / Hornets
Heat / Heat (2 of 5)
Pistons / Wizards
Nets / Hawks
Magic / Bulls
Bulls / Cavaliers (I thought they’d pull together a “Screw You James” season and try and prove that they weren’t all a bunch of bums)
Hawks / Knicks

West Prediction / West Reality

Golden State / Golden State (3 of 5)
Rockets / Nuggets
Jazz / Portland
Thunder / Rockets
Pelicans / Jazz
Spurs / Thunder
Nuggets / Spurs
Grizzlies / Clippers

Portland / Kings
Lakers / Lakers (4 of 5)
Wolves / Wolves (5 of 5)
Mavs / Grizzlies
Suns / Pelicans
Clippers / Mavs
Kings / Suns

Looks like the predictions were a little better in the West… but only a little… though picking the Lakers to finish 10 feels like a pretty big deal… who else would’ve picked them at 10 after they grabbed LeBron… so that’s sort of a win… sorta…

The moral of the story is, DO NOT TRUST TheLongTalk to call anything in advance… or even at the moment… or anything at all.

The case could be made…

…that not only is James not the G.O.A.T. but that he isn’t even Top 5.

Kareem has more titles, Wilt has better stats, Bill’s resume is simply INSANE (11 titles in 13 years, 8 in a row), Mike is Mike, and Magic has a similar sorta All-Around-Basketball-Greatness / Position-less Point-Center style while being almost as big a brand with two more titles.

One could probably make the case for James being Top 10…

As long as there’s still room for Timmy, Kobe, and maybe even Shaq.

Dave, Dan, and Richard

Three Guys Go To Five Guys -


Dan: Have you guys been here before?

Dave: I think, one time with Cathy.

Richard: I hate this place.

Dan: What? Why?

Richard: Burgers are sloppy and cost too much.

Dan: You’re an idiot.

Dave: Whoa! That’s a bit much.

Dan: Nope, it’s the perfect amount of much.

Richard: It’s a matter of opinion. How can I be wrong, when it’s a matter of opinion?

Dan: You wouldn’t think you could, but turns out you can.

Richard: You’re nuts.

Dan: Actually, the peanuts are free… just so you know.

Richard: Don’t make up for the high priced, crap burgers.

Dan: Go outside. Just go outside and sit and be quite and never talk again.

Dave: Wow… do the fries really cost that much.

Richard: Yep.

Dan: But they’re good and there are a ton of them.

Richard: BOO. Boo on Dan for picking this place. Boo!

Dave: I’m gonna get bacon on my burger. Do you think I can get bacon on it?

Richard: What do you mean, can you? Of course you can.

Dave: You don’t think it’d be too much?

Richard: What does it matter what I think?

Dan: That’s what I’ve been saying.

Richard: If you want bacon, get bacon.

Dave: I’m gonna. I’m getting the bacon.

Richard: Fantastic, you’re living the dream man. Living the dream.

Don’t ever

He didn’t know what came next, but probably neither did she.

“Should I get my stuff?” he asked.

“You don’t have to tonight.”

She set the tape down on the table, slid it over to him.

He’d made it for her, so he slid it back.

“You should have it.” she said.

She didn’t want it was what she meant.

“It’s got Blues Traveler on it. I know you love Blues Traveler.”

“I don’t.”


She’d told him so many things, seems some weren’t true. He wondered which.

“I don’t.”



He took the mix tape, put it in his pocket.

She thanked him, but wasn’t specific about what or why.

Then she showed him the door.

“I’ll miss you.” she said.

“Only cause you’re throwing me out.”

She shut the door and he heard her lock it.

He looked at his hands, didn’t know what to do with himself.

Decided on hitting the bar.

“Don’t ever love anyone.” he said to the cat, licking itself on the decretive table beside the elevators.

The cat didn’t seem to notice.

Don’t walk…

He stood at the intersection of Walnut and 14th.

“Don’t walk.” said the homeless man beside him.


“Don’t walk.”

He crossed the street and made his way to The Gallery.

“Don’t walk.” said the cashier behind the lunch counter.

“Sorry. What did you say?”

“Don’t walk.”

He paid the young lady and took his salad to the food court, picking a table far from the crowd.

“Don’t walk.” said the elderly woman behind him, eating bourbon chicken.

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

“Don’t walk.”

He stood and looked at the lady.

She had on a tiny hat and delicate, white gloves. She was covered in age spots, her hair flying loose in every direction.

“Excuse me, were you talking to me?”

“Don’t walk.”

He picked up what was left of his food, dumped it into the garbage, and walked quickly back to his office building.

“Don’t walk.” said the receptionist.

“What’s going on? Is that all anyone can say? Were you talking to me?”

The receptionist stared at him then returned to typing.

“Excuse me. I’m talking to you. Why did you tell me not to walk? Hello.”

She looked up again.

“Don’t walk.”

He stepped back from the desk, turned to the rush of people moving past. Stopped one at random.

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“Don’t walk.” said the stranger.

“Enough! This isn’t funny. Enough of this nonsense.”

He crossed the lobby to draw the attention of the security guard.

“Excuse me. Something strange is happening, can you help me?”

“Don’t walk.” said the guard.

He pulled out his phone, his heart pounding. He dialed his wife of twenty years, before she could speak he shouted…

“If this is a joke or a trick or a prank, enough. OK… enough. It’s gotta stop. Please Racheal, please. I’m starting to freak out, alright. Enough. If this is a game or some new reality show or some sorta of weird experiment, I’m done… alright… I’m done, enough. Just say something, something right now and DON’T say Don’t walk.”

He heard his wife clear her throat.

“Don’t walk.”

You saw it here first


1  Celtics

2  Raptors

3  Pacers

4  Bucks

5  Sixers

6  Wizards

7  Cavaliers

8  Hornets

Celtics over Hornets | Raptors over Cavs | Pacers over Wizards | Sixers over Bucks

Celtics over Sixers | Raptors over Pacers

Celtics over Raptors

9  Knicks

10  Heat

11  Pistons

12  Nets

13  Magic

14  Bulls

15  Hawks


1  Warriors

2  Rockets

3  Jazz

4  Thunder

5  Pelicans

6  Spurs

7  Nuggets

8  Grizzles

Warriors over Grizzles | Rockets over Nuggets | Jazz over Spurs | Pelicans over Thunder

Warriors over Pelicans | Jazz over Rockets

Warriors over Jazz

Warriors over Celtics

9  Blazers

10  Lakers

11  Wolves

12  Mavericks

13  Suns

14  Clippers

15  Kings

How Much Success?

How much is too much?

If something seems too good to be true, is it false?

How unbelievable does one have to be, before another is justified in disbelief?

Do we take face value at face value, do we look gift horses in the mouth, do we question excellence?

When it’s not in anyones interest to uncover wrong doing, does anyone look to uncover it?

Who ends a party, when everyone’s still having fun?

Who pokes a sleeping bear or courts disaster?

Why ask, why not accept?


Sports King

Suppose you were the unquestioned King of a sports league…

Which league would you rule and… Why?

What changes would you make?

Would things be better or worse after your reign?


Here’s TheLongTalk’s take…

• TLT would be King of the NBA… cause it’s the only league he knows enough (or cares enough) about to be worth controling

• Oh, so many changes… small changes, big change… but why go small when you’re King. As King you Go Big… YOU GO HUGE!

– – First, lets add 10 teams to the current NBA

1. Seattle… of course

2. Vegas… why not

3. Pittsburgh… so PA can rock two teams

4. Chicago… they’re a big market, they can sustain two teams

5. Mexico City… if the National Basketball Association can be in Canada, it can be in Mexico

6. Vancouver… let’s head back to Grizzle-land

7. Kentucky… did you know the ABA had the Kentucky Colonels?… let’s bring ‘em back

8. Buffalo… let’s throw upstate NY a bone

9. Sioux Falls… cause the middle of the NBA map has a big hole in it

10. Providence… let’s jam another team into that tiny area on the East Coast, why not?

– – Second, lets form an NBA Majors by kicking 10 of the current teams out and into the Minors

1. Sacramento… you’re gone

2. Clippers… should be Lakers, but lets be honest… even a King couldn’t kick the Lakers out of the league

3. Nets… moving down to the Minors

4. Charolette… you’re going with ‘em

5. Dallas… once Dirk is gone will this team really be anything?

6. Phoenix… being in the Minors wouldn’t be forever, so you could always come back

7. Orlando… they’re almost not even in the league right now as is

8. Knicks… really, when was the last time the Knicks were any good?

9. New Orleans… although, might be this would kill the team… might be… they’re already small market

10. Washington… I know they’re a “contender” in the East, but would anyone really miss ‘em?

– – Third, let’s create new leagues in Europe, Africa, and Asia with 10 teams in the Majors and 10 in the Minors

– – Each of the 4 leagues (The NBA being the American League) would play their own season, within their own league. Major teams would play mostly against other Major teams, with maybe one game scheduled against each of the Minor teams.

– – Once per season there would be a HUGE Mid-Season Tournament (screw the stupid All Star Game) with players from all 4 leagues coming together to play a single elimination 3-on-3 Tournament. Each League would send 2 Major 3-on-3 Teams and 2 Minor 3-on-3 teams for a total of 16 teams. The location of the game would rotate from year to year between America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

– – Once the Playoffs rolled around each league would crown their own Champion… then the 4 Champions would meet in New York City to play a single elimination World Championship Series.

– – At the end of each season the 6 worst teams in the Majors would be bumped down to the Minors and the 6 best teams in the Minors would move up to the Majors. Rookies would enter all 4 leagues as Unrestricted Free Agents, able to sign a contract with any team (either Minor or Major) at any price they wanted.

• Would the NBA be better off after my reign… probably not, but it’d be one heck of a ride.


What about you all out there, What would you do as King of a sports league?