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Boob of the Week – Local Walmart

I’d like to start this post by saying that I just found out that Walmart is spelled that way. I always thought it was WalMart or Wal Mart.

Getting back on track, my Boob of the Week award goes to my local Walmart store for this past week’s midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The story goes a little something like this. I made a last minute decision to “experience” a midnight video game release, and since I didn’t feel like driving to the closest mall, I figured Walmart would suffice. What could go wrong? I didn’t anticipate the amount of interest in the game.

A buddy of mine and I go to the store around 11:30 or so, to find a huge line awaiting us. At that point I just hoped that  I wouldn’t be waiting in line for half an hour for nothing.

The magic hour struck. It was midnight! The line began moving but at an awfully slow pace. The line continued to move at a snail’s pace, and when I finally got close enough to the video games section, I learned why.

Walmart, land of a million (ok, ok 20) registers had 1 – count them – 1 register open for the release! ONE! For a line of 100, give or take, people they had 1 register open.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I know they have a strict video game policy as to where you can purchase them, etc., but come on, open some more registers for a special occasion!

Local Walmart, you are this week’s Boob of the Week!

Preseaon Precog

TheLongTalk’s NBA Preseason Predictions

With #12 doing an NFL Preseason Prognostication, TheLongTalk felt he was required to do the same for the NBA.  So here are TLT’s NBA 2010-2011 Predictions.

- Eastern Conference

1. Miami – Easy pick considering LeBron was #1 last season without Wade or Bosh
2. Orlando – They’ll try for awhile and then give up on #1 and settle in
3. Chicago – If Boozer can stay healthy, which is a big IF
4. Boston – But only because of seeding requirements for Division Winners
5. New York – TLT expects something BIG to happen in the Big Apple
6. Atlanta – Same team that took #3 last year, stiffer competition this year
7. Milwaukee – Centers getting healthy and PG is due for a sophomore injury
8. Philadelphia – Just barely getting by Charlotte and Indy

Missing The Cut –

9. Charlotte
10. Indiana
11. Wizards
12. Pistons
13. Nets
14. Cleveland
15. Toronto

The East will be hard to watch with 3 teams playing hard and everyone else on auto-pilot.  But expect a late season scramble with Washington, Philly, Charlotte, and Indy all finding themselves in striking distance of the 7th and 8th spots.

- Western Conference

1. Dallas – A solid team that will take advantage of LA’s restful attitude
2. Utah – Jerry Sloan teams are always good and they should win their Division
3. Lakers – They can’t prove anything by winning the regular season
4. San An – TLT expects a tight season out of this young team
5. Oklahoma – Kevin Durant is no longer under anyone’s radar
6. Portland – If they can stay healthy and that’s a big IF
7. Phoenix – Rumors of The Suns demise have been greatly exaggerated
8. Houston – With a healthy Yao and a distracted, possibly traded Anthony

Sorry, But Try Again Next Year –

9. Hornets
10. Denver
11. Clippers
12. Sacramento
13. Memphis
14. Golden State
15. Minnesota

The West will be wild with OK making a push and LA relaxing and resting for a deep Playoff run.  TheLongTalk expects Anthony to be moved around the trade deadline and for San An’s fresh legs to make a HUGE difference.

- Playoff Predictions
It’s so early and so much can happen with trades, injuries, etc…  but here’s how TheLongTalk thinks it’ll shake out.

- East Coast
Miami to the Eastern Conference finals, eliminating the Celtics easily in the Second Round.  Orlando has a bit more trouble, showing some Fear for the Deer in Round 1, but ultimately winning in 6 and taking down Chi-Town in 7.

Winner: Miami over Orlando in 6

- West Coast
The Spurs break ABC and the NBA’s hearts by bouncing the new golden child in Round 1.  Then they take out Houston who just upset the #1 seeded Mavericks who become infamous for losing to an 8th seeded team… TWICE.  Lakers take out Portland 4-0, then hand Utah a 4-1 series lose.

Winner: Lakers over Spurs in 6

- NBA Championship
With a little help from his friends Dwayne and Chris, and a whole lot of help from the referees, The King gets his crown… but he does it with Kobe on the sidelines nursing a “bad” knee.

Miami over LA in 6
So there’s your run down for 2010-2011 for the NBA, try to look surprised when it happens exactly like TheLongTalk said it would.

See you in a 100 or so games,