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The Road to 90

True to my handle, I figured I better post an update on “The Road to 90″.

I’ve played a handful of times this year, although once was a 9 hole scramble. Most of my rounds have been at my home course.

My rounds have been consistent. Consistent in their inconsistency, that is. Drives have been hooked, sliced and occasionally actually drilled down the center of the fairway. Although, if I’m being honest, the slices are happening less frequently and are less extreme.

I’ve tried a few things to fix my years-long slice off the tee box:

  1. Teeing the ball up further back in my stance. This feels really weird. REALLY weird. But it has worked really well when I remember to do it.
  2. Turning my right wrist in at approach / turning the club face to a more closed position at address. This works at times, but other times I end up hooking the drive. Duck hook bad.
  3. Keeping my right elbow tucked in tight during my back swing. This has worked well.
  4. Swinging slower. This has also worked, when I remember.

So far I’m averaging about 115 for the year, so I’ve got a ways to go on The Road to 90.