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Patriots are buying back Hernandez jerseys; what’s one jersey you wish you could trade in?

Ever have a favorite players jersey only to see them do something that lands them on the trading block and never to return to your team? Philadelphia fans would know a thing or two about owning a Barkley jersey after he left, or Iverson when he was gone, or Van Horn, or Iggy, or any plethora of their super stars that left for other teams. Perhaps you’re the Colts fan with the Marshall Faulk jersey who watched him go on to win a championship with the greatest show on turf, or a Cardinals fan who watched and wore a Cardinals Boldin jersey as he won his first ring with Baltimore and is chasing a second as a member of your rival 49ers.

If you have ever been in that awkward position wearing a players jersey who no longer is part of that team (and that player is possibly despised by that organization) who would you have swapped out your jersey for?

I for one have a Dwight Howard for the Magic, Manny Rameriz for the Dodgers both of which I’d love to swap in for different players with those organizations. Either swap them in for a legends jersey or a current young gun who hopefully stays with the organization or at least leaves on amicable terms.

Tuukka Rask, the man of steel, but even steel can be bent and broken.

In what was essentially a win or go home situation for Chicago took an incredible turn from games 2 & 3.
Game 4 was only 1 goal shy of having the same amount of goals scored in the first three games combined! Heading into this game Tuukka Rask was allowing just over 1 goal per game and had a .960 save percentage; Chicago broke his will and destroyed his defensive statistics. Will Seabrook’s overtime goal prove to be kryptonite for Boston’s Man of Steel, Tuukka Rask?

Throughout the playoffs people have been chanting “Boston Strong”, and Boston has been incredibly strong for their entire run. They made a staggering run in game 7 against the Maple Leafs scoring 2 goals without having a goalie in the last minute of regulation to win the series. Boston was strong last night scoring 5 goals, but Chicago was stronger and scored the 6th goal in overtime to tie the series 2-2.

Is Boston Strong, strong enough? Was Chicago’s ability to destroy the man of steel in game 4 all it will take to shatter the confidence of the young goal tender and take home Lord Stanley’s cup?

Boston’s Man of Steel, Tuukka Rask.