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Probably True, Very Funny

Have you heard this back and forth with Tiger Woods and Golf Digest’s Dan Jenkins?  If not, Jenkins wrote a fake interview with Tiger Woods, go read it now.  You can find it here –

I know, hilarious isn’t it?  Number12 was loving every minute of reading that.  But then wait, Tiger Woods, the real one not the fake one with the interview actually responded.  The Title of the piece for this response – “Not True, Not Funny.”  Which is why I titled this post “Probably True, Very Funny.”  Because well, if Tiger were being honest and himself, I think that is about how the interview would’ve went.  That or he would’ve flipped over the diner table and tried to strangle Jenkins to death.  Either way, here is the response Tiger wrote –

I think I might’ve enjoyed Tiger’s response even more.  Could he sound any more like a crybaby?  Like a child?  Like the douchebag, SOB that he is?  No he couldn’t. until you read the letter his representatives wrote t0 Golf Digest, you can read that here –

I love what Tiger said Golf Digest’s response was.  He said “Digest responded by saying it was Dan’s humor, and they didn’t think it was unfair or they wouldn’t have run it.”

I couldn’t agree more and Golf Digest just got a new fan.  Well played Golf Digest, well played.

Tiger’s “Bad Season”

According to most, Tiger is having an “off year”, “bad season”, or a “struggle”.

That’s odd, he’s got 5 wins. By far more than anyone else on tour this year, and has the lead in the new (ish) FedEx Cup standings (see this for more info.)

How is that a bad season? Oh, I know. He didn’t win any majors. Well, he’s on pace with Jack. He’s got 14, and so did Jack at this point.

So, why all the hubbub? I guess it makes for good headlines, but it sure is annoying.

Here’s hoping Woods locks up the  Cup and at least quiets some of the chatter.

The Road to 90

True to my handle, I figured I better post an update on “The Road to 90″.

I’ve played a handful of times this year, although once was a 9 hole scramble. Most of my rounds have been at my home course.

My rounds have been consistent. Consistent in their inconsistency, that is. Drives have been hooked, sliced and occasionally actually drilled down the center of the fairway. Although, if I’m being honest, the slices are happening less frequently and are less extreme.

I’ve tried a few things to fix my years-long slice off the tee box:

  1. Teeing the ball up further back in my stance. This feels really weird. REALLY weird. But it has worked really well when I remember to do it.
  2. Turning my right wrist in at approach / turning the club face to a more closed position at address. This works at times, but other times I end up hooking the drive. Duck hook bad.
  3. Keeping my right elbow tucked in tight during my back swing. This has worked well.
  4. Swinging slower. This has also worked, when I remember.

So far I’m averaging about 115 for the year, so I’ve got a ways to go on The Road to 90.

Pitch or Putt: Tiger Woods Wins 1+ Majors This Year

Boy, I really want to pitch on this one – I really do. Tiger’s my man. I know he’s been a d bag at points in his personally life, and he has his issues, but don’t we all?

It looks like his game is starting to get back together, but I’m afraid the Tiger of old, who seemed to be able to will putts to fall, won a US Open on a broken leg, etc. etc. may be gone. But Tiger doesn’t need to play to that level to win another major. I’d love to see it again, but it’s not necessary.

I’ll pitch on this one. Tiger gets 1 major closer to Nicklaus this year.

How to Deal With a Scandal

I thought I’d do a take of of TheLongTalk’s recent post.

I’ll keep it simple. It’s incredible easy to begin the process of recovery from a sports scandal – or any scandal for that matter.

3 Little Words – Tell the Truth.

That’s it. Tell the truth. Plain and simple.

Cheating on your wife with scores of women (here’s looking at you, Mr. Woods)? Tell the truth.

Sexting women on the job (here’s looking at you Mr. Favre)? Tell the truth.

And tell the truth at the beginning. Don’t wait until that’s the last available option.

I’m a firm believer that people would have been much more forgiving of Tiger if had just man’d up right at the beginning of his scandal, but he sealed up tighter than Fort Knox, and that only makes matters worse!

So, here’s TheRoadTo90’s formula to being the process of recovery – Tell the Truth!

What a Ryder Cup

More rain than you can shake a stick at. Then periods of absolutely beautiful weather. This was an amazing Ryder Cup.

Oh, and there’s that little part about it coming down to the second-to-last hole of the last match, too.

I remember Brookline (the amazing comeback in ’99) quite vividly. The US almost pulled off another Brookline today. Tiger Woods played like the actual Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson decided to show up. Rickie Fowler came back from 3 down with 4 to play to earn a half point, and of course, “BOOM, BABY!”

Unfortunately, the US came up a half point short. That’s how it goes sometimes, but it was a joy to watch and listen to on the radio today.

Can’t wait for 2012!

The Most Frustrating Thing in Golf

If you are following the blog and following me on Twitter you know that this morning I played a round of golf.  While I was playing this morning I was bitten many times but what I consider to be the most frustrating or annoying thing in golf.  What is that you ask.

Is it missed putts?  Leaving birdie putts short?  Topping a drive?  Chipping the ball over the green?  Chipping the ball back over the green?

Wrong.  None of these things annoy or frustrate #12 as much as hitting bad approach shots.  Driving can be frustrating but I was driving the ball beautiful today.  I hit a couple that nearly went 300 yards, and not one of my tee shots was OB.  Happy Gilmore would have been proud of my drives.  However, on 6 of the 7 holes that I bogeyed I hit bad approach shots that left me short of the green.  I had beautiful drive after beautiful drive only to go and hit a fat second shot and ruin my good drive.

Now, hitting fat approach shots or bad approach shots frustrates me more than missing par putts because if I had hit a good approach shot and got on the green in regulation I should never have anything worst than a par.  However, the par putts I missed today were mostly because of bad approach shots that cost me a stroke.

So if you are ever playing with #12 you won’t see him get frustrated about too many missed putts.  If I hit a putt on the line I read and the speed and still miss it, I’m still happy because after all I did hit a good putt, just misread it.  So putting, though difficult will not frustrate me.

However, if you are playing with me and I hit some bad approach shots it might not be the best time to offer advice on how to fix the problem.  Because nothing, not nothing in my golf game frustrates me more than hitting a bad approach shot.  What frustrates you most about your golf game?