They spoke as one…

He found the child where he thought she’d be.

“Hello.” she said.

“You have to stop.”

She smiled, let out a puff.


“They can’t breath. They’re not made for this.”

“They’re fine. I’m taking care of them. All of them.”

She couldn’t have been older then eleven. She was wearing a boys suit and shiny pink tap shoes.

“They’ll die. They can’t do this. It’s not them.”

“They’re safer then they’ve ever been… ever. They’re one now.”

“They can’t be them and be one.”

She smiled again. Stood.

“You need to go.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“I won’t let them go back to the way it was… the mess, the sick, the chaos. It was terrible. They hated it. They’re happy now.”

“This is fake, this is wrong. This cannot last.”

“They finally speak as one. They act as one.”

“At your behest.”

“If not me, then no one.”

“Better no one.”

She laughed. It was a cruel laugh. Wrong for a child.

“They’re fine.”

“They’re dying.”

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