Injury / Hold Out

If a player is injured they should only earn 1/4 of their regular salary.

If a player wants all of their salary, despite being unable to play, they should have to file for a catastrophic injury.

If a player files for a catastrophic injury they should recieve 100% of their remaining contract.

However… that player can not play that sport in that league ever again.

So if you’re injured and you’re gonna get better… you recieve 1/4 pay while you wait.

If you’re injured and you’re not gonna get better… you get it all… but you can’t come back, if you somehow get better.

– – –

If a player is not injured, but refuses to play… a Hold Out… that player should not recieve payment.

That player should also be required to pay their team 3/4 of their regular pay for as long as they are unwilling to play.

So if they Hold Out, they don’t just lose money they would’ve made, they have to pay back money they already have.

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