Let’s Let Everybody Play!

Right now the NBA is taking a break, giving 16 teams a couple of days to prepare for the Playoffs… but what about the other teams? What about the 14 squads that don’t get to play… they’re planning vacations instead of First Round rotations? Why not let EVERYBODY play!

Why not set up a 30 team bracket, with 5 Rounds of basketball. The First Round could be a Best of 3… perfect for some exciting upsets, Second and Third Rounds as Best of 5, Fourth and Final are your customary Best of 7.

Here’s what it’d look like with the 2018/19 end of season standings…

30 Teams (2 First Round Byes)

Bucks (1) get a Bye

Pistons (16) vs. Hornets (17) – A nice matchup of evenly matched opponents.

Celtics (9) vs. Mavs (24)

Jazz (8) vs. Wizards (25)

– – –

Nuggets (4) vs. Suns (29)

Clippers (12) vs. Lakers (20) – The League would LOVE to see LeBron play LA in LA… could The King win 2 of 3 all by himself?

Spurs (12) vs. Wolves (21)

Rockets (5) vs. Cavaliers (28)

– – –

Raptors (2) get a Bye

Nets (15) vs. Kings (18)

Thunder (10) vs. New Orleans (23)

Sixers (7) vs. Hawks (26)

– – –

Warriors (3) vs. Knicks (30) – This one would be interesting cause of all the Durant to New York stuff… but not cause of the basketball

Magic (14) vs. Heat (19)

Pacers (11) vs. Grizzlies (22)

Trailblazers (6) vs. Bulls (27)


The system needs to change… let’s let everyone into the Playoffs… let’s let EVERYONE PLAY!

So VERY Wrong

TheLongTalk made some PreSeason NBA Predictions (Scroll down and you’ll see the post) about the final standings for all 30 teams… and man, was TheLongTalk ever WRONG…

East Prediction / East Reality

Celtics / Bucks
Raptors / Raptors (1 of 5)
Pacers / Sixers
Bucks / Celtics
Sixers / Pacers
Wizards / Nets
Cavaliers / Magic
Hornets / Pistons

Knicks / Hornets
Heat / Heat (2 of 5)
Pistons / Wizards
Nets / Hawks
Magic / Bulls
Bulls / Cavaliers (I thought they’d pull together a “Screw You James” season and try and prove that they weren’t all a bunch of bums)
Hawks / Knicks

West Prediction / West Reality

Golden State / Golden State (3 of 5)
Rockets / Nuggets
Jazz / Portland
Thunder / Rockets
Pelicans / Jazz
Spurs / Thunder
Nuggets / Spurs
Grizzlies / Clippers

Portland / Kings
Lakers / Lakers (4 of 5)
Wolves / Wolves (5 of 5)
Mavs / Grizzlies
Suns / Pelicans
Clippers / Mavs
Kings / Suns

Looks like the predictions were a little better in the West… but only a little… though picking the Lakers to finish 10 feels like a pretty big deal… who else would’ve picked them at 10 after they grabbed LeBron… so that’s sort of a win… sorta…

The moral of the story is, DO NOT TRUST TheLongTalk to call anything in advance… or even at the moment… or anything at all.