Dave, Dan, and Richard

Three Guys Go To Five Guys -


Dan: Have you guys been here before?

Dave: I think, one time with Cathy.

Richard: I hate this place.

Dan: What? Why?

Richard: Burgers are sloppy and cost too much.

Dan: You’re an idiot.

Dave: Whoa! That’s a bit much.

Dan: Nope, it’s the perfect amount of much.

Richard: It’s a matter of opinion. How can I be wrong, when it’s a matter of opinion?

Dan: You wouldn’t think you could, but turns out you can.

Richard: You’re nuts.

Dan: Actually, the peanuts are free… just so you know.

Richard: Don’t make up for the high priced, crap burgers.

Dan: Go outside. Just go outside and sit and be quite and never talk again.

Dave: Wow… do the fries really cost that much.

Richard: Yep.

Dan: But they’re good and there are a ton of them.

Richard: BOO. Boo on Dan for picking this place. Boo!

Dave: I’m gonna get bacon on my burger. Do you think I can get bacon on it?

Richard: What do you mean, can you? Of course you can.

Dave: You don’t think it’d be too much?

Richard: What does it matter what I think?

Dan: That’s what I’ve been saying.

Richard: If you want bacon, get bacon.

Dave: I’m gonna. I’m getting the bacon.

Richard: Fantastic, you’re living the dream man. Living the dream.

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