The case could be made…

…that not only is James not the G.O.A.T. but that he isn’t even Top 5.

Kareem has more titles, Wilt has better stats, Bill’s resume is simply INSANE (11 titles in 13 years, 8 in a row), Mike is Mike, and Magic has a similar sorta All-Around-Basketball-Greatness / Position-less Point-Center style while being almost as big a brand with two more titles.

One could probably make the case for James being Top 10…

As long as there’s still¬†room for Timmy, Kobe, and maybe even Shaq.

Dave, Dan, and Richard

Three Guys Go To Five Guys -


Dan: Have you guys been here before?

Dave: I think, one time with Cathy.

Richard: I hate this place.

Dan: What? Why?

Richard: Burgers are sloppy and cost too much.

Dan: You’re an idiot.

Dave: Whoa! That’s a bit much.

Dan: Nope, it’s the perfect amount of much.

Richard: It’s a matter of opinion. How can I be wrong, when it’s a matter of opinion?

Dan: You wouldn’t think you could, but turns out you can.

Richard: You’re nuts.

Dan: Actually, the peanuts are free… just so you know.

Richard: Don’t make up for the high priced, crap burgers.

Dan: Go outside. Just go outside and sit and be quite and never talk again.

Dave: Wow… do the fries really cost that much.

Richard: Yep.

Dan: But they’re good and there are a ton of them.

Richard: BOO. Boo on Dan for picking this place. Boo!

Dave: I’m gonna get bacon on my burger. Do you think I can get bacon on it?

Richard: What do you mean, can you? Of course you can.

Dave: You don’t think it’d be too much?

Richard: What does it matter what I think?

Dan: That’s what I’ve been saying.

Richard: If you want bacon, get bacon.

Dave: I’m gonna. I’m getting the bacon.

Richard: Fantastic, you’re living the dream man. Living the dream.