Sports King

Suppose you were the unquestioned King of a sports league…

Which league would you rule and… Why?

What changes would you make?

Would things be better or worse after your reign?


Here’s TheLongTalk’s take…

• TLT would be King of the NBA… cause it’s the only league he knows enough (or cares enough) about to be worth controling

• Oh, so many changes… small changes, big change… but why go small when you’re King. As King you Go Big… YOU GO HUGE!

– – First, lets add 10 teams to the current NBA

1. Seattle… of course

2. Vegas… why not

3. Pittsburgh… so PA can rock two teams

4. Chicago… they’re a big market, they can sustain two teams

5. Mexico City… if the National Basketball Association can be in Canada, it can be in Mexico

6. Vancouver… let’s head back to Grizzle-land

7. Kentucky… did you know the ABA had the Kentucky Colonels?… let’s bring ‘em back

8. Buffalo… let’s throw upstate NY a bone

9. Sioux Falls… cause the middle of the NBA map has a big hole in it

10. Providence… let’s jam another team into that tiny area on the East Coast, why not?

– – Second, lets form an NBA Majors by kicking 10 of the current teams out and into the Minors

1. Sacramento… you’re gone

2. Clippers… should be Lakers, but lets be honest… even a King couldn’t kick the Lakers out of the league

3. Nets… moving down to the Minors

4. Charolette… you’re going with ‘em

5. Dallas… once Dirk is gone will this team really be anything?

6. Phoenix… being in the Minors wouldn’t be forever, so you could always come back

7. Orlando… they’re almost not even in the league right now as is

8. Knicks… really, when was the last time the Knicks were any good?

9. New Orleans… although, might be this would kill the team… might be… they’re already small market

10. Washington… I know they’re a “contender” in the East, but would anyone really miss ‘em?

– – Third, let’s create new leagues in Europe, Africa, and Asia with 10 teams in the Majors and 10 in the Minors

– – Each of the 4 leagues (The NBA being the American League) would play their own season, within their own league. Major teams would play mostly against other Major teams, with maybe one game scheduled against each of the Minor teams.

– – Once per season there would be a HUGE Mid-Season Tournament (screw the stupid All Star Game) with players from all 4 leagues coming together to play a single elimination 3-on-3 Tournament. Each League would send 2 Major 3-on-3 Teams and 2 Minor 3-on-3 teams for a total of 16 teams. The location of the game would rotate from year to year between America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

– – Once the Playoffs rolled around each league would crown their own Champion… then the 4 Champions would meet in New York City to play a single elimination World Championship Series.

– – At the end of each season the 6 worst teams in the Majors would be bumped down to the Minors and the 6 best teams in the Minors would move up to the Majors. Rookies would enter all 4 leagues as Unrestricted Free Agents, able to sign a contract with any team (either Minor or Major) at any price they wanted.

• Would the NBA be better off after my reign… probably not, but it’d be one heck of a ride.


What about you all out there, What would you do as King of a sports league?

4 thoughts on “Sports King”

  1. We should post here more often. I just had a thought the other for a post and now I can’t remember it. Go figure.

    You’re thinking too small TLT. The real “king” (commissioner) of the Association is thinking BIG. Trying to get betting on his sport to be legal and getting 1% of all bets placed on NBA games to go into the league’s pocket. That is big time. With the kind of cash they could get for that, you could open international minor league Associations across the globe.

    And I’m confused why you’re adding ten new cities with teams and taking away 10…if anything if you want to see the Association be better and more competitively balanced take away 6 teams…one from each division. Less teams means that over 70 players are gone from the Association in a blink of the eye.

    So here are the 6 I would take away from the Eastern Conference:
    Atlantic Division – Boston Celtics – the people of Boston have experienced waaaaay too much wining for my liking (But seriously, I would get rid of the Nets, most people probably don’t realize they’re still a team anyways)

    Central Division – Cleveland Cavaliers – Seriously, after LeBron leaves this summer for San An or LA or South Beach (again) end the franchise with his departure…

    Southeast Division – Atlanta Hawks – This would make me sad because the “Human Highlight Film” Domonique Wilkins is one of my favorite players of all time, but if I’m thinking of ‘Nique when I think of the Hawks it’s time for them to go

    Western Conference

    Northwest Division – Portland Trailblazers – Take all of the Associations away from the Pacific Northwest, why not.

    Pacific Division – Sacramento Kings – do I really need to explain this one?

    Southwest Division – New Orleans Pelicans – I lived in Louisiana for 3 years and I don’t think anyone in that state knows that they have an NBA team…seriously.

    With 6 less teams the Association would be so much better to watch. Games would be closer, fewer scrubs, better quality play and better coaches and staff…it would make for a better product.

    And then make bettering on your games legal and take 1% and open up more Associations across the globe and eventually make your way to having a global tournament that could truly crown a “World Champion.”

    – 12 -

  2. Gambling money makes sense… if people gonna bet anyway, might as well have the league get its beak wet.

    I was thinking of adding 10 teams to a Minor League and then moving 10 of the current teams down as well. Then there’d be a smaller Major League of just 20 teams and a new Minor League of 20 teams. The global leagues would be 10 and 10 for 20 teams total.

    But the idea of Contraction in the NBA is an interesting one. I don’t don’t that I’d get rid of 6 teams… TLT would probably get rid of 4 by merging 2 teams in each Conference.

    Merge Nets and Knicks (keep the team at Madison Square Garden, get rid of Dolan) and then merge Orlando and Miami… there’s already too much fun stuff to do in Florida for the state to maintain 2 NBA teams. (keep the team in Miami)

    Then out West you’d merge Sacramento and the Clippers (rename the team Sonics and move to Seattle, keep Ballmer) and merge Dallas and OKC (keep Cuban, move to OKC)

    Then you’d still have everyone around, but in a different form.

    1. I would be the king of the PGA just to drive TheLongTalk nutty and force him to come to events with me.

      That’s the best I can come up with at the moment. Let me think some more.

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