The grey of red shorts and Christmas in September

Walking through the store, in September, he was surprised to see Christmas.


Seeing Halloween in September was past notice, it’d been happening… had happened… would never not happen. Even seeing Halloween in August wouldn’t have been a surprise. Once the Back to School was cleared away the seasonal shelves had to hold something… why not All Hallows Eve?


But Christmas?  Christmas in September?  MADNESS!


Directly from the store he went to the laundry.  The towels cleaned, the dryers loaded, it was time for wasting… so he read.  He was one of only two in the entire building, the other a woman of indeterminate age. Either she was in her mid-twenties or her early thirties. He couldn’t tell.


He was fairly sure she was wearing black yoga pants… and then she was wearing something else.


Because he’d been reading and waiting on the dryers, he wasn’t paying all that much attention.  If pressed, he’d have to say that he was no more then 10% positive the woman had been wearing yoga pants.   The grey spaces of his mind remembered seeing her, recalled her being in black yoga pants… but he certainly wouldn’t bet his life on it.


But he was more convinced, near to 80%, that he’d spied her with the red shorts at her feet. Near to her shoes, moving as a blur in his peripheral vision. He’d been reading, he’d been looking at the page, but then he’d needed more quarters cause the driers had stopped. He’d walked to the change machine to change a $1 into four .25¢’s… and he’d seen the movement.
Again, he wouldn’t bet his life on it, but this time he was more convinced.  Nearly certain.


He’d seen the red shorts down near her feet, seen them moving, seen her pulling them up. All of this in an instant, a flash, and in his peripheral but all of it pretty certain… and combined with his earlier recollection about the black yoga pants. It all raised a question. A strange question.


Did that lady just change her pants in the laundry mate?

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