Preseason End of Season Predictions

Here they are, the final standings for the 2017 / 2018 NBA season.

(Try to act surprised in April when things play out exactly as predicted)


East Standings -

1.  Boston – Kyrie has something to prove

2.  Washington

3.  Toronto – This is forever their slot

4.  Cleveland – James has nothing to prove

5.  Milwaukee

6.  Miami – Makes the jump

7.  Charolette – Middle of the road makes the Playoffs in the East

8.  Detroit

Missing the Playoffs

9.  Atlanta

10.  Indy

11.  Knicks – They don’t move Melo until the trade deadline

12.  Philly – A little better, but not much

13.  Chicago – The mighty have fallen

14.  Orlando

15.  Nets – Still terrible


Out West -

1.  Golden State – Without really even having to try that hard

2.  Houston – Cause they got something to prove

3.  San An – Cause they won’t risk player fatigue to prove anything, ever.

4.  OKC – Russ and George will make them better, but not Top 3 better

5.  Memphis – Good old reliable Memphis

6.  Utah

7.  Portland

8.  Denver – Boring old Denver just edges out NO, Minny, and Dallas

Just Missing the Playoffs (They’d be top seeds in the East)

9.  New Orleans – Brow / Boogie isn’t gonna work, but it’s gonna be interesting

10.  Minny – They’ll be better, but this is the West so they won’t be make the Playoffs better.

11.  Dallas

12.  Clippers – Blake is gonna get hurt at some point and miss 1/3 of the season

13.  Kings

14.  Lakers – Lonzo doesn’t make that big an impact

15.  Suns


So there it is, you got the standings.  It’s probably possible to predict the Finals as well, but where’s the fun in calling that this early?

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