9 Minutes…

She didn’t have time to think, she only had nine minutes.

Nine measly minutes to decide the fate of the world… well, probably not the fate of the world. Probably more like, the fate of her neighborhood.

Maybe not even that big a deal… shoot, only seven minutes now. Dang.

She needed to buckle down and get this done.

So what would it be… go with the aliens and see what comes of that or… or what… stay here and miss out on the chance to see an alien spaceship, heck she wasn’t doing that… really this wasn’t a choice at all.

“I’ll go with you to your ship.” she said.

“Quopp blorkk quibb quiff.” said the alien.

The creature lead her round back behind the Costco, to its little green ship.

“I’m never gonna fit in that.” she said.

“Kork fluim dup dup.” said the alien.

“You’re right. Never give up. Not when there’s still a fighting chance.”

She climbed gingerly into the ship… she didn’t fit.

“It’s these damned hips, I tell you. Child bearing hips my ass… these are just wide hips. I ain’t never had any children.”

“Gung gung, torp fura ting.” said the alien.

“Well I tried to find the dress in yellow, but they only had my size in this off white color. It’s gross isn’t it?”


She smiled. Only this alien thing had ever been able to make her feel this way about herself and her body.

“You’re the best, the absolute best. I wish I could just stick you in my pocket and … heck I’m gonna stick you in my pocket.”

She picked the alien up, but before she could put it in her pocket it melted into the skin of her right hand. Just melted away and into her hand. Just gone… but also inside her. She felt it pulling on her mind.

“You’re right, I can reach my target weight. I just gotta work at it and make some changes here and there.” she said.

Then she tried for another half an hour to stuff herself inside the tiny ship before giving up and going out for gelato.

– The End and with one minute to spare.

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