Foolish Bet

Old Darin had this off-putting habit of chewing the cuff of his sports jackets. This made him look rather foolish and caused his cleaner no end of annoyance and excess expense in the form of bleach.

“Do you think Marywood can take the crown?” asked Darin, munching on his tweed.

“I haven’t the foggiest.” I replied, sipping on a tea too hot to have been served.

It never ceased to amazing me how a fellow could poor a cup of tea and serve it to another chap without checking the temperature of said beverage. On more then one occasion I’d found myself forced to make small talk for upwards of a quarter hour while waiting for my Earl Grey to cool.

“But I’ve put a days wages on Marywood taking the crown and I haven’t the money to make good.” said Darin.

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