Don’t Eat the Turd…

This entire election cycle has been like sifting through a cat pan trying to figure out which turd to eat… and now, with election day right around the corner, it’s finally time to eat that turd.

Doesn’t matter which candidate you support, they’re all turds.

Maybe one’s a six inch turd and the other’s only two inches… in that case, the smart person might decide it’s best to eat the smaller of the two… though probably not.

The smart person would probably just refuse to eat.

Now it seems un-American to encourage people not to vote, but it also seems like the only sane thing to do when faced with these terrible options… so maybe the middle road is to write in NO!

NO! is the right thing to say right now.  NO! to this entire ugly affair.  NO! to the cheaters, to the liars, the thieves, the creeps, the incompetent idiots. NO!

Our political system mostly limits our choices too one turd or the other.  The major parties want everyone to believe the situation is binary… that failing to pick one is essentially picking the other… that you have to eat a turd… but you don’t.

Yes, there are third party candidates on the ballot… one of them is even polling pretty well in Utah… but for the most part, they’ve been marginalized and/or ignored and stand little to no chance of winning. You could vote for one of them.  Voting for one of them would be fine… it would be pointless, but no more pointless then voting NO!

However, it’s not wrong to just say NO!

Writing in NO! would mean you’ve done your civic duty, you’ve cast a vote… but you haven’t allowed the system to force you into an arbitrary binary… you haven’t made yourself pick the lesser of two evils, or three evils, or four evils… you haven’t eaten the turd.

So on Tuesday, November 8th, make the smart choice… Vote NO!

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