No More Miller Time – XVIII

“Well that’s a shame. This guy used to be a big deal in his day.” said old Dwight Howard.

“He looks pretty badly worked over.” added Greg.

“We should probably bury him. You know, all the time I’ve been here this is the only person I recall having died.” said Carol.

Dave stared at the man on the ground, but was having trouble caring about that while a version of Dwight Howard that must be something like 70 rode around on a hoover scooter.

“This has got to be a dream.” muttered Dave.

“What?” said the new arrival.

“Oh my, so many new faces. What an incredible strange day it’s been.” said Carol.

“Where did you come from?” asked Greg.

“Yeah, we’re no where near the red circle.” added Dave.

Dwight swung his hoover scooter around beside the new guy and clapped a huge hand on his shoulder.

“You guys honestly telling me you don’t know who this is?” asked old Dwight.

“It’s OK Dwight. Things have gotten crazy. I’d understand if they’re not following this nonsense at the moment.” said TheLongTalk.

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