Fireside Chat – XIX

As they all gathered around the fire pit they turned, each on their own, to pudgy pale dude.

“So really this is all something I’m doing to kill time.” said the pig nosed weirdo.

“What? To kill time? You did this to all of us to kill time?” said Dave.

“I’ve been here since freaking 1998. All because you needed to kill time.” snarled Jennifer.

“Actually Jennifer, you’ve been here since 1998 because that date sticks out in my head. I put you here from that time cause it was somewhat meaningful to me.” said the bald man.

“Somewhat? So now your hedging even in fictional worlds. Make up your mind man.” said old Dwight.

The man that’d started all of this took a deep breath.

“All right. No more hedging. You’re all here, all of you. Because I felt like killing time. That’s why you’re here and to be honest the only reason that warrior guy and Miller and you Dwight even showed up is because your story… Dave… was going no where fast.”

Dave sat up startled.

“My story?” he asked.

“Yeah, who says this is Dave’s story. I’ve been here way longer then Dave.” added Carol.

“Trust me Carol this is Dave’s story.” said TheLongTalk.

“And it’s gonna be over real soon. I think I’ll probably call it at 20.”

“What does that mean?” asked Jennifer.

“Well we’ll all have to wait and see.” said old Dwight Howard.

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