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It seems to TheLongTalk that the ProBowl is pointless.

Certainly there are NFL fans who’d disagree and the NFL itself must believe the event has purpose or they’d stop holding it.

But, from the outside looking in, it appears as though the ProBowl is an All Star Game without any of the leagues actual stars… either due to “injuries” that keep them from participating or the upcoming Super Bowl that they’re getting ready to compete in.

And, the stars who do show are either their by contractual coercion or just to have a good old time… and there’s nothing wrong with that. Almost every All Star Game in every league suffers from this same thing… they are, at their best, little more then a friendly scrimmage.

TheLongTalk would suggest that the ProBowl’s problem, if anyone is willing to concede it even has one, is that it looks like a regular game but is played like a practice match.

The key to fixing it… Flag Football.

No one takes Flag Football serious… except that guy who takes Flag Football serious… note to that guy… DON’T BE THAT GUY. Flag Football is, at it’s very core, about playing football without actually playing “real” football.

It’s meant to have all of the upsides of the game… fun, excitement, running, playing, teamwork, learning, etc. without any of the downside… broken fingers, twisted knees, concussions, pain killer addiction, PED’s. etc.

So the ProBowl should become a Flag Football game.

I know what you’re thinking, “Would that be much of a change from what it is already?” ProBowlers avoid hard tackles and contact of any kind like it’s the plague. So what would be the difference if they played Flag Football instead of “Easy guys, don’t hurt each other.” football?

The difference would be entirely physiological.

Flipping that switch in the brain that says, “We’re playing relaxed football, let’s stay safe out there.” to “We’re playing Flag Football, let’s have fun out there.” would… in TheLongTalk’s humble opinion… make a substantial difference in the quality of play at the ProBowl.

Think about Professional NFL Players, why do they play?

• For the love of the game

• To compete at an elite level and dominate

• Money, stacks and stacks of MONEY!

What does the ProBowl put in danger?

• The love of the game? NO

• The ability to compete against the very best in the league and win? NO

• Their stacks and stacks of MONEY! YES!

How would Flag Football fix that…

• People love playing Flag Football and NFL Players are… in fact… people.

• TLT would suggest that most NFL Players would compete just as hard, if not much harder, in a Flag Football game as they would in a ProBowl. It’d be fun for the… one would think. A break from breaking everyone and everything. A fun, light hearted, but still competitive, chance to play.

• Their stacks of MONEY shouldn’t be in any danger due to a game of Flag Football.

Now there is for all human endeavors, someone who will take the thing way, WAY to serious. There would be ProBowl Flag Footballers that would bring too much aggression to the game, for those people there are flags. Just have the refs keep a tight handle on things so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

A group of grown men playing Flag Football and having fun would have to be better then a group of ProBowlers going 20% in a “real” football game.

ADDED TWIST: Include top College Seniors in the competition.

• They’d get a chance to show their stuff against the Pros without risking their knees and other joints and a they’d get a brief… if not entirely meaningless… feel for what lining up with a Pro feels like.

• The Pros would get to put the young bucks in their place and show off against lesser talent. A good ego boost.

• Scouts and Coaches would get a look at potential talent… even if it was in a weird, not exactly connectable, context.

So what do 90 and 12 think of TLT’s idea? Work able? Ridiculously? Unnecessary? Weigh in now Cargumentors…

5 thoughts on “ProBowl Flag Fix

  1. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jan 26, 2015 6:14 pm

    I like the idea of Flag Football. Seems other commentators out there have floated the idea as well.

    One thing I think Flag Football would show is who has the greatest agility. Wide Receivers and Running Backs would not only have to juke to avoid defenders, but they’d have to do it in such a way that their flag didn’t get snatched in the process.

    On the defensive side of things players would have to showcase their speed and moves, like normal, but they’d also have to show the quick hands to grab that flag ASAP.

    With a Flag Football game, perhaps they could also shorten the field and eliminate extra points. Seems that would provide an even faster pace of play.

    That’s my $.02

  2. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jan 26, 2015 6:16 pm

    Also, I’m not a fan of the senior addition. They have their own time to shine in their bowl games, Senior Bowl, combine workouts, etc.

    Plus the winners and losers of the game get paid, so that would cause eligibility issues.

    And, better watch out for the Patriots, because they’ll find a way to cheat.

  3. Reply TheLongTalk Jan 26, 2015 6:27 pm

    TheLongTalk agrees with the agility idea. It’d be fun to see these star players shine and actually try. The ProBowl as it is now, doesn’t seem to do that.

    TLT disagrees with the College Senior thing, if the problem is pay, then don’t pay them. But if they’re all Seniors then they’ve lost their eligibility anyway.

  4. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jan 26, 2015 6:43 pm

    That’s true, regarding Seniors, in most cases. Some still have eligibility left due to Red Shirting, etc.

    Fun fact: Winners get $55,000 and losers get $28,000. Chump change for them, I’m sure, but I’d take it.

  5. Reply TheLongTalk Jan 27, 2015 8:04 pm

    They probably spend it all that weekend on BBQ and beers.

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