What The Heck…

… is happening in the NBA?

• Mo Williams scored 52 points last night… 52 POINTS!… and the Wolves beat Indy.
• LeBron came back from the longest inactive stretch of his career, scored 33 points… and the Cavs still lost to the Suns.
• The defending Champion Spurs… who currently sit at 7 in the loaded West… lost to the Wizards for the first time since 2005.
• Nate Robinson is back in Boston, but Rondo is in Dallas.
• Speaking of the loaded West… there are currently 8 teams winning more then half of their games and 4 teams that have won over 70%… with Golden State sitting at 1st with 30 wins and only 5 loses and sporting a 7 game win streak.
• Meanwhile the Knicks are rocking a worse record then a team that’s intentionally losing and they’ve set a franchise record with 15 straight loses.
• Speaking of the TERRIBLE East… there are currently 10 teams that haven’t even won 1/2 of their games… not even half… also there’s better than a Division worth of teams (7) that have lost at least 60% of their games.
• There are three teams with win totals less then double digits. (2 of them in the East)

What the heck is going on in the NBA? Everyone is either really good or actively trying to be terrible. I hate parity in the league. Parity is roughly translated as everyone sucks except the few teams that don’t suck.

The West is so insanely loaded, the East has probably 5 teams that are actively trying to lose games. These GM’s are trading away talent for what? The chance to maybe, possible, if things play out right, land a top Draft Pick that won’t be ready for NBA level play for three years?

What the heck?

6 thoughts on “What The Heck…”

  1. Maybe parity might mean that everyone is good, not that everyone is terrible with a few good teams.

    I don’t think you should be commenting about the state of the NBA when you’ve watched zero minutes of an NBA game this year.

  2. Also, you wrote – “• Meanwhile the Knicks are rocking a worse record then a team that’s intentionally losing and they’ve set a franchise record with 15 straight loses.”

    Who is trying to intentionally lose?

  3. TLT has seen a full game this season, Christmas Day. And part of the second game that was on that same day.

    The team that is intentionally losing is Philly, how is currently three years into a never ending tankapoluza that is intended to… not sure what? Make them the new Thunder of the East I suspect.

    Sort of gather young talent and then bring them up together so that they can be awesome… the only problem is, when do they get awesome? AND what if the answer to that question is never?

  4. I believe I was present for said game.

    Seems like things are all over the place.

    If you watched me after the end of the whooping San Antonio put on the Heat last year that they’d be the 7th seed right now, I would have laughed at you.

    And I’m pretty sure if I had said that, TLT would have punched me right in the face.

  5. Probably just in the shoulder 90. Don’t wanna break your money maker.

    Philly players might not be trying to lose, but they’re organization is certainly not helping them win. The GM is tanking away entire seasons to try and build a war chest of young talent.

    But what will these young talented players have experienced in their young NBA lives? Nothing but unending loses and national stage embarrassment.

    That sort of thing can’t be healthy for the young players psyche. TLT suspects that these players must be building up in themselves coping mechanisms to help them with the onslaught of loses.

    Will they be able to wipe those coping mechanisms away once the GM has gathered enough young talent to make it worth his while to stop tanking and actually try to win? Will there be an ON switch in their brains?

    Plus after two or three seasons of tanking, the young talent is going to be up for new contracts.

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