The Game is Travel Balls 2

TravelTheLongTalk has a brand new game for the world to fall in love with, here’s how it’s played -

- Three teams of 5 players take to the field. For practical purposes a football or American football field can be used, considering that Travel Balls is new and doesn’t have any fields built specifically for it… yet.

- Around the field are scattered 17 Travel Balls, as randomly as possible. Each Travel Ball weighs 20 pounds… about what a fully grown, male, miniature schnauzer would weigh. NOTE: Do not use miniature schnauzers as Travel Balls, you will get bitten and the dog would be terribly injured.

- Players from each team would be outfitted in the fashion of a footballer or a rugby player. NOTE: Not an American footballer, that would require much more expensive gear and Travel Balls is meant to be a relatively cheap game to play.

- The goal is to retrieve for your team as many Travel Balls as possible. They must be brought into your teams circle and held there for a full minute to count as retrieved. NOTE: You’ll have to paint some circles on the field your using

- Once a Travel Ball is retrieved it is taken out of play and the team that retrieved it is issued a point. Once all Travel Balls have been scored or once one team has mathematically eliminated the other two teams the game is complete.

- Players can move a Travel Ball only by kicking or carrying, however a player standing inside any one of three special areas marked on the field by an orange triangle, may throw the Travel Ball, if said player so desires. NOTE: You’ll also have to paint some triangles on the field, one near each of the three teams scoring circles… about 20 yards away.

- Players can use whatever methods they think most likely to succeed in order to procure a Travel Ball with the following exceptions. No biting, no eye gouging, no punching below the belt, no foreign objects… meaning no crowbars. Also, players must stay within the borders of the area of play.

- Teams can incorporate any type of offensive or defensive strategy they desire, with the following exceptions. No camping inside the retrieval circle. Opposing teams may enter your retrieval circle and try to remove your Travel Ball before it is scored, but you cannot go in after them.

So what do you all think?  Travel Balls still needs some fleshing out, it’s in its infancy, but it will most likely be grand and glorious soon and will rival American football for years to come.


2 thoughts on “The Game is Travel Balls

  1. Reply 12 Dec 24, 2014 5:07 pm

    Travel Balls? Weird name, weird name. We should play on a smaller scale in January to test it out. You make the travel ball, I’ll play. You game RT90?

  2. Reply TheLongTalk Dec 29, 2014 2:59 pm

    For a small scale game there would have to be some adjustments, but it is possible… considering the game has never been played on any scale.

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