3 thoughts on “How Worried Should the Cavs Be?”

  1. No worries mate. No worries.

    It’s way to soon to worry about anything if you play professional basketball in the East. The Cavs could start the season 3-38 and still make the 5th seed in the East.

    James and Love will get clicking and if Irving refuses to pass, he’ll quickly find that he’s without the ball and sitting on the bench.

    Even with a D-League pickup playing point the Cavs would be a East powerhouse. Once they get their house in order, they’re good.


  2. What about an Irving for Rondo straight up trade?

    I don’t know if they’re that good. We saw this in Miami year one…the Big three weren’t as big as we thought they would be.

    You are what your record says so the Caves a below .500 team. But this is a 5% of the season sample size, so very small.

    They’ll make the playoffs

  3. Rondo can’t shoot. Cavs need someone that can spread the floor… although maybe James and Love can do that. Rondo would certainly love to upgrade from Boston to Cleveland.

    Or at least that’s TheLongTalk’s guess.

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