Maybe The Force Should Stay Asleep 15

Newest trailer released for the Force Awakens.  Here it is:     Thoughts?  

Jurassic World: Yea or Nay? 5

Well, the trailer is out, even before the promised Thanksgiving Day debut. Looks promising, I think.

Carguments Cast Soup 5

Take these 6 performers, mix-n-match, add an X Factor ingredient and create your own Hollywood production. The Sizzle: Jessica Chastain The Steak: Ed Norton The Fresh: Donald Glover The Filler: Maya Rudolph The Age: Ron Perlman The Beauty: Ellen Page   So those are the ingredients, what’s the recipe? ...

Probably True, Very Funny 7

Have you heard this back and forth with Tiger Woods and Golf Digest’s Dan Jenkins?  If not, Jenkins wrote a fake interview with Tiger Woods, go read it now.  You can find it here – I know, hilarious isn’t it?  Number12 was loving every minute of reading that.  But then wait, Tiger Woods, the ...

30 Years of Dubious Comparisons 4

The General Idea: To look back at the Finals MVP’s of the past 30 NBA Championship Teams and try to calculate, using highly questionable tactics, their career success rates. The Specifics: • Every year of a players career counts for one point. • Years that include a Playoff appearance add an extra 1/2 point. • ...


TheLongTalk doesn’t know a lot about the NBA’s D League but TLT does know a little something about crazy ideas that’ll amount to nothing. So Here Goes Nothing… The NBA has 30 teams. The D League has 18 and each D team is connected to one NBA team with the exception of the Fort Wayne ...

Sam Neil Concept 31

Sam Neil Concept             I’ve come up with a concept.  I call it the Sam Neil concept.  It’s simple, let me explain.  The other day I watch a 1997 sci-fi flick for the first time called Event Horizon.  It’s good, not great.  It’s about a spaceship that is trying to use new technology to travel ...

How Worried Should the Cavs Be? 3

So, how worried show the Cavs be after a 1-3 start? Plus the fact, I believe, Irving had NO assists last game. How crazy is that? Thoughts?

We’re back 2

but more importantly…I’m back