What makes an NFL QB a “real QB” ?

Yesterday I was bombarded with emails from Philadelphia fans about my support of Michael Vick . They stated that Michael Vick was never a real (whatever that means) quarterback.

So, I pose the sporting world with this question, what makes a QB a “real QB” ? To recap, Michael Vick played 12 years, mostly injured, passed for 21,000 yards, and rushed for roughly 6,000 yards. He is ranked number 90 out of the 250 men who have played or are playing the NFL QB position which puts him in the top 40% of all NFL QB’s of all time in passing yards.


I always hear that he fumbled too much or threw too many interceptions, he’s currently only 137th on the list for INT’s thrown, and 21st for fumbles.

So, again, I pose the sporting world with what makes someone in the NFL a “real QB” ? Is it titles? If that’s the case Marino, and Kelly were not real QB’s. If it’s rings, then we’re saying Trent Dilfer was better than Marino and Kelly or that he’s parallel with Peyton Manning, and that Peyton is less of a QB than Eli since Eli has 2.

What makes an NFL QB a “real QB”?