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Although the NBA tried to stop teams from creating a big 3 or a big 2 1/2. While this years NBA Free Agency lacked movement I suspect next seasons is already being planned. You may be wondering why I say this, and while people in Cleveland have their panties in a bundle and their rally caps on, I would not be surprised to see LA Lakers make a pitch to get LeBron, and Carmello to come to LA. Kobe will get a significantly reduced contract, Melo can play the 3, LeBron can play the 4, Kobe at 2, Pau & Kaman at the 5, Nash running the point they would absolutely destroy the entire NBA as we know it. For the first time since Chicago, a team would finally be able to compete with the 72-10 record.

2014 Lakers should go after and sign LeBron and Carmello to contracts to usher in a new era of Show Time and help gracefully usher Kobe’s era out with another championship.


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  1. Reply TheLongTalk Jul 9, 2013 7:55 pm

    It seems unlikely that LeBron will be moving again. Maybe late in his career he’ll attach himself to a title team or play out the last couple years with someone else cause the Heat are ready to rebuild but he’s not ready to retire. (like Paul and Kevin are doing)

    If they had lost Game 6 and the Heat had been 1 for 3 the whole basketball world would be different. But they didn’t lose 6, they did win 7, and they are now 2 for 3 with their eyes on going 3 for 4.

    Melo might move again, but why would he? He’s making good money, in a big market, with lots of success that doesn’t mean anything. People say the New York media is tough, but it’s not LA tough. The Knicks have been losers for so long, no one really expects them to win.

    The pressure is there, but it’s not like the pressure LeBron and Kobe and even to a certain extent Duncan work with. Melo and the Knicks are heroes if they win, but no one expects it of them.

    Melo is in a good place, can’t imagine him moving, even if it is to LA (which some would say is a better place)

    Now LA grabbing someone like a late career Dirk or a star on the rise that doesn’t like his team (think Kevin Love or Rubio) that might be what happens.

    LA might have to prepare itself for some dark days. Like after Magic left and before Shaq arrived. Or after Shaq left and before Pau got there. Some Smush Parker days are ahead.

  2. Reply Original6 Jul 9, 2013 8:16 pm

    Smush Parker days, and Daquan Cook days? I hope not, for the NBA sake.

    You’re right the lights in NYC are bright, and they bring pressure and they bring fame, but not quite like Hollywood will bring you. I’m not sure if Melo can be the main guy in a city like LA but I think he can be second fiddle to a guy like LeBron who can handle the heat (no pun intended).

    Miami did win 2 out of 3 but there is no way that team is going to get 3 out of 4 or even get back to the Eastern Conference finals. Pat Riley certainly has to know this. Flash is more like Crash and lets be real, is Bosh even an all star in the eastern conference? The Heat have some young up and coming talent in Norris Cole & Mario Chalmers but outside of that they really have nothing special.

    If LeBron stays in Miami for another 4 years, you can just forget about him winning a title elsewhere. He’s 28 going on 29, he’s been in the league for 11 seasons another 4 will put him at 15 seasons. Kobe has been in the league 17 years, I don’t know that LeBron has that killer drive that Kobe has. Michael retired after 13 seasons and he even took some time off, granted he came back for 2 more seasons but at limited time. That will never be LeBron or Kobe doing that kind of stunt. If LeBron stays in Miami he’s nailing himself to a sinking ship.

    If Melo stays in NYC and they suck, he’ll never be anything, his career will be a waste and the only thing he can say is he won a college championship, got slammed in the FIBA world basketball classics and pulled up an embarrassing 6th place finish there. Luckily he was allowed to be part of the redeem team who won the gold in the London games. Kobe has titles, and Olympic medals, LeBron has rings and Olympic medals, Melo has Olympic medals but no NBA championship. Right now Melo isn’t in the elite conversation, he’s not a top 50, possibly not a top 100 NBA player of all time unless he starts winning multiple rings. His best shot is to join up with Kobe in his last few years and get LeBron to come with him.

    There are stars out there that don’t like their team like you said, Kevin Love, Rubio would be interesting to get in LA, LaMarcus Aldridge is another, but I fully expect Dirk to retire a Maverick. He’ll most likely retire before it gets too ugly in Dallas.

    At the end of the day, next year LA will have the money, and ability to put together a nice looking roster that should be able to play together for at least 2 years and win at least 1 ring. I truly do not see LeBron going down in flames in Miami; lets face it when Wade is done, they will break up that roster.

  3. Reply TheLongTalk Jul 10, 2013 4:22 pm

    Just checked on ESPN and it looks like the entire Heat franchise will be Free Agents after the 2014 season.

    So they could rebuild in force.

    Crazy idea. What if Wade, James, and Bosh all went to Cleveland together and got Ohio that Championship they’ve been waiting for? Would the people of Ohio like that or what?

  4. Reply Original6 Jul 10, 2013 5:03 pm

    Well, we all know Dan Gilbert is willing to spend money. He spent way too much money to bring in Larry Hughes, Shaq, Baron Davis, among others to fail miserably. At least if he spent money this time it would be money well spent. That being said Dwayne Wade doesn’t have many more years in his tank. He’s only 10 years in but his body is beat down.

    Cleveland can go after LeBron but it wont matter if Waiters and Kyrie Irving don’t want anything to do with it. Those are their two building blocks, and bringing in LeBron is one thing, bringing in an old beat down Wade is another. I truly think Dwayne’s best chance is to go to LA to play with Kobe to win 1 more ring, just like Shaq left LA to go win 1 more with Dwayne. Take LeBron there and usher in a new era.

    To your point though, if Cleveland could get a waste of space Flash, Bosh, and James, they’d still have to face the rest of the east who (in my opinion) are already better than the current Heat roster. Take away 1 crazy insane shot from Ray Allen and we’re not even talking about this, we’re talking about them being dismantled already.

  5. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jul 11, 2013 2:04 pm

    Good point.

    What about this LeBron to LA business? Could Kobe co-exist with him? Methinks not, but prove me wrong.

    Then I would have to root for Kobe. I don’t like the thought of that.

  6. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jul 11, 2013 2:05 pm

    Or, why not stay in Miami, all take a paycut, and be “The Men” and build a legacy?

    Not having to contend with the huge Laker legacy, etc.

  7. Reply Original6 Jul 11, 2013 3:23 pm

    Did you watch the 2008, 2012 Olympics? Kobe and LeBron feed off each other so long as everyone understands their role. Melo did as well. Melo is actually our best international player. For some reason he dominates when our other guys kind of slow down a bit.

    Miami is a scrub town. It will never be title town; it’s like saying why be inducted into the hall of fame with all te greats when we can hang our jerseys in a warehouse and give our own speech, ya know? There is something to be said for being part of the greatest organizations in your sport.

  8. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jul 11, 2013 5:25 pm

    I didn’t watch them, but did follow on ESPN. Didn’t know they fed off each other so well.

    Then getting LeBron and Melo would be HUGE.

    The way I understand it, LA only has $9 Million on the books for 2014.

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