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Perhaps the most interesting part of sports is the free agency period. At the moment the 2013 NBA FA period is merely 19 hours deep, and with plenty of time to go we should see some interesting moves.

Notable offers so far is New Orleans Pelicans offering Tyreke Evans $40-$44 million as a bench player. I personally think New Orleans is on the brink of competing for a western conference championship. Newly acquired Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon (assuming Evans comes to Nola) Evans, Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis, Robin Lopez, Lou Amundson and Austin Rivers gives a team a lot of hope, range, and athleticism.

Perhaps the worst part of sports is the free agency period. The reason I suggest it is the worst and the most interesting is because of players like Dwight Howard who often present us with “dwightmares” from hell. Here is a child who will kick and scream until he gets his way, and when he does, he’ll kick and scream and say this isn’t what I thought it was I want something else. Here is to hoping that he retires and goes to play in another country.

A move that needs to be made is Josh Smith to the Lakers. Start Steve Nash at the point, Kobe at the two, Smith at the 3, Earl Clark at 4 and Pau at the 5. You now have another scoring presence, extremely athletic, slightly lazy on defense, but this is Mike D’antoni basketball, no defense required ┬áso he’ll fit right in.

At the very least if the Lakers don’t forget Howard immediately, they should try to get Iggy to leave Denver and come play small forward with LA. He could fit in, and add a lot of explosive offensive skills that the team currently lacks. He is extremely athletic, and can play both ends of the floor fairly well. As previously noted he could save his energy on the defensive end and focus on his offensive skills for the D’antoni system. Either way LA needs to land an athletic SF and move on from the dwightmare.

Realistically speaking, most contenders rosters will probably remain the same with minimal changes. That being said, teams that are trying to get into the hunt for the NBA Finals should make the FA period fairly interesting.

2 thoughts on “NBA 2013 FA”

  1. Free Agency, the time when hopes are built up, if only to be broken down come October.

    If Howard leaves LA, Iggy isn’t a bad back up… but what if they just hit the self destruct button instead and imploded it?

    They could trade Gasol to someone like The Bucks or The Bobcats (a team that would be glad to have him, no matter what he has left in the tank) for expiring contracts and draft picks.

    They could amnesty Meta World Peace.

    They could move Steve Nash to Dallas for something like this…

    That would send out something like 36 million and as long as they don’t take back much more then 15 million in the trades and grab a few picks, they could have a bunch of cap space and tons of cash to make their play.

    Who knows what that play would be, but maybe they could land a young talent and build around them while Kobe shoots his way into the sunset.

  2. TLT makes a great point that if you can’t get what you want, why not smash it, save a ton of cash and rebuild. A very similar play that Boston just made.

    Those trade offs would bring in draft picks, significant savings, and would allow the Lakers to reload and rebuild to build another dynasty. They were more era’s than just greatness with Magic, and then the Shaq/Kobe run, they did in fact have some down years…not many, but some. The only question with stripping their roster is that a) they’re still paying Mike Brown b) Mike D’Antoni’s system wont benefit rookies at all c) Kobe wants to be a Laker for life and I don’t think they’ll rebuild while he’s there.

    That being said, you could make some interesting trades that make sense and help them rebuild for the future as well.

    The Lakers should get in touch with the Atlanta Hawks and find out what it would take to get Al Horford out to LA. He’s a double double center, extremely athletic, puts up 15 and 10 a game. Perhaps you can trade Steve Nash and Jordan Hill for Al Horford start Horford at the center, Earl Clark at the 4, then you would trade Pau Gasol to Charlotte for Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Kemba Walker so now you have MKG at the 3, Kobe at the 2 and Kemba Walker at the 1.

    That team would be built for the long haul even after Kobe is gone you would have Al Horford staying at 5, Earl Clark is no slouch at 4, MKG at 3, find another SG and you’ll have Kemba Walker at the point. Very young and talented team to build around for a very bright and competitive future.

    Outside of Dwight there are only a few other guys I would trade for, and that would be trading Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, for Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love.

    Then you would have Jordan Hill most likely as the 5 for LA, Kevin Love at 4, Artest at 3 unless you amnesty him, Kobe at 2 and Ricky Rubio at the 1 and that team is extremely talented and fast paced which would work under D’Antoni’s offensive schemes. Timberwolve’s would get an aging pair of superstars who can put fans in the stands and still create a buzz but they’re taking on more contracts than they’re shelling out so I doubt they would do it but who knows.

    Either way it’s an interesting prospect for LA to implode their roster and make trades that could make them a contender again very quickly.

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