Bubble Gum, we’re talking about bubble gum, not finger prints. 2

Regardless of where you stand on the Aaron Hernandez situation, hate him, blame him, crucify him, or not, the state has dug in their heals as deep as they can and the only thing they have is bubble gum.

This will go down as another all star athlete walking because of his stature, when in reality he’ll walk because of the incompetence of the DA’s office. Bubble gum can be spit at any given time, by anyone, but it doesn’t have the strength to determine that someone committed a crime. Things that confirm you committed a crime are pictures, video, finger prints, metallurgic matches all of which the state of Mass. does not possess and most likely never will.

2 thoughts on “Bubble Gum, we’re talking about bubble gum, not finger prints.

  1. Reply TheLongTalk Jun 28, 2013 7:30 pm

    The right mix of physical and circumstantial evidence can be enough to convict someone… someone that isn’t rich and famous.

    It takes silver bullets, laced with Krptonite to take down the rich and famous… even then they don’t always stay down.

  2. Reply Original6 Jun 28, 2013 7:46 pm

    Agreed, if you put enough circumstantial evidence with some physical evidence but you generally want it to be a whole lot less circumstantial evidence and a whole lot more physical evidence to make things stick.

    Here is a question we may never have an answer to: Had Aaron Hernandez been pulled over for a DUI a year after the shooting he’s supposedly linked to, would the police have checked out his gray/silver SUV then? Or did they only make the create this theory because he supposedly killed one person and they desperately need to solve that other double homicide. They did the same thing with the Boston Bombers; within days of being in custody they tried to link the Boston Bombers to a triple homicide from years prior. Its as if you get in trouble for reckless driving they’ll suspect you of everything other unsolved reckless driving case in the state.

    The DA needs to hammer down the big league chew first and then go after the second case they supposedly have Hernandez for.

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