The House of Jordan

It is all together fitting that the Heat’s streak should end in the House of Jordan.

27 Strong

TheLongTalk thinks the Heat might just make it to 33.  Maybe even further.  The only thing in their way is The Spurs and the Heat might just be too good for them. (It hurts TheLongTalk to type that) This is a well balanced team with a deep bench.  It’s not surprising that they’re tearing up ...

22 and going

TheLongTalk was wrong about the streak ending at 20 and now TLT wonders if it might not go on to 30 or beyond.  Take a look at the Heat’s schedule and tell me that there’s anyone outside of the Spurs (and I’m not sure event he Spurs) that can stop them?

18 and Counting

So when does the Heat winning streak end? Can they get past Houston’s 22?  TheLongTalk thinks it ends at 20.