#12’s Boob of the week for January 22-28 2012 1

This is an interesting choice for me this week, but this story just stuck out to me and so I had to give this week’s honors to the Rhodes Trust.  The Rhodes Trust is in charge of a prestigious scholarship known as the Rhodes Scholarship.  ESPN broke a story last week of how Patrick Witt, the Yale quarterback, had his scholarship application suspended by Rhodes Trust for being accused of sexual assault in September.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, that Witt should win this week’s award for being accused of such a crime.  But here’s the thing, this woman never went to the police, remains anonymous and Witt has not been charged nor does he have any criminal investigations pending against him.  Now, I don’t condone, support, or encourage sexual assault of any kind.  Heck, I say if Witt is found to have sexually assaulted someone we castrate him, along with the rest of the men who sexually assault women.

That being said, anyone can accuse anyone else of anything else.  There is no proof or evidence that Witt committed any crime.  The ESPN story reads, “The Rhodes Trust was told about the accusation in November, but not through official channels, the newspaper reported, citing sources with knowledge of the matter.”  WHAT?  So someone told someone else that they had heard that someone, at some time, might have done something and they get punished for it?  Talk about being found guilty before the trial, wow.  I was shocked by this story, and if Witt is indeed innocent then he should be seeking the best lawyers money can afford.  But he isn’t, as the ESPN story reports, he been unreachable for a while, which doesn’t look good for him, but it doesn’t prove he is guilty.  For suspending someone for a scholarship, about something that you heard about through unofficial channels, with no crime or investigations taking place, with no charges filed, and with no evidence that Witt is indeed guilty, you the Rhodes Trust are the Boob of the Week.

However, the ESPN story concludes with this, “Connecticut law does not require colleges to report suspected sex offenses, according to the report.”  So maybe you, Connecticut should be the Boob of the Week for not requiring colleges to report such atrocities.

If you would like to read the ESPN story it can be found here: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7508117/patrick-witt-yale-bulldogs-was-suspended-rhodes-candidacy-according-report

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  1. Reply TheLongTalk Feb 1, 2012 7:59 pm

    We live in a country that’s becoming more and more reactionary. Something is said or done or suspected of being said or done and it means that a price has to be paid. Even if later it turns out the price as too high.

    It’s a result of a lose of faith in the system. People don’t trust the system to get the situation sorted out, so they sort it out themselves.

    Jumping to conclusions can be risky and isn’t usually the best system for getting to the right conclusion, but when a system is broken (or even perceived to be broken) the people that make up that system will sometimes take matters into their own hands.

    It’s how we get lynch mobs, but also how we get Batman… so not all bad.

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