Late Night Laughs 1

Conan O’Brian’s – In The Year 2000 – vesus – Jimmy Kimmel’s – Unnecessary Censorship TheLongTalk’s Take:  Although Unnecessary Censorship can be quite hillarious, TLT has to give this one to CoCo.

TheRoadTo90’s Cargument of the Month: Changing the Calendar 4

In honor o the fact that 2012 is a leap year let me propose and idea. Instead of years having 365 days we move to a system with an even number of months and an even number of days. Think about it. You would always know the number of days in the month. No remembering ...

Waiting for TLT and Rt90

TLT and RT90, where are your carguments for the month of February, you only have one day left…just a reminder

TO 3

Boob of the Week Terrell Owens… and it’s only Monday. A short one from, TheLongTalk

#12’s Cargument of the Month: PC or Mac? 9

This one is sure to get the blood pumping:  PC or mac? This one is easy for me.  I’m a PC guy all the way.  Not a mac fan, and recently purchasing an Iphone has made me even less of a mac fan.  I don’t like the lay out, the user unfriendliness, the limited connectability ...

#12’s Boob of the Week for Feb 5-11 2012 4

Missed the Boob of the Week column last week…ooops.  But I was busy writing something else, really I was, I promise.  Anyways, since I missed last week I give you a trifecta of boobs, that’s right ladies and gentlemen three boobs stood out for me last week. Boob #1 – The Piggyback Bandit.  You can ...

Pitch or Putt: The Heat win the NBA championship this season 9

I’m going to go with Pitch on this one, granted that LeBron doesn’t pull another disappearing act late in the Playoffs. At this point, almost halfway through the season, they own the second best record in the NBA (2nd only to the Bulls, who have 2 more wins and the same amount of losses). In ...

Introducing: Pitch or Putt

Welcome to a new section of the Blog – Pitch or Putt. The premise is simple a statement is made which you either agree with (Pitch) or disagree with (Putt). Think “can I make this pitch shot, or do I need to put from off the green here?” And if you don’t think in golf ...

TheLongTalk examines a couple of NBA story lines. 3

Lin-sanity - This is a fun story… unless you’re Baron Davis.  TheLongTalk wishes the best of luck to the hot hand in The Big Apple, but suspects that this to shall PASS.  Once defenses get targeted in on Lin and when Carmelo and Amare come back his number will drop off a cliff.  But his ...

Boob of the Forever 10

Boob of the Forever
This is Kenyon Martin. Kenyon Martin is a boob. He’s not just the boob of this week. Kenyon Martin is the boob of forever.