#12’s January 2012 Cargument: Would you want to be president? 3

The carguement:  If you could, would you want to be president?

#12 says:

Yes, yes, yes.  I would love to be president.  I admit I would be in over my head on issues such as how to run the economy, how to create jobs, and maybe even foreign policy, but I think that would be a good thing.  I wouldn’t be afraid to get advisers and various experts in these fields and others to get their advice and share in their knowledge.  I wouldn’t know what to do on my own, but then again I couldn’t do it all on my own anyways.  And besides, I think I work more now than the president does.  It seems every month he is taking a vacation to various parts of the world, and the guy sure gets to play A LOT more golf than I do, and I bet he doesn’t even have to pay.  Yup, doesn’t sound like sch a bad gig.

Now, what say you?

3 thoughts on “#12’s January 2012 Cargument: Would you want to be president?

  1. Reply TheRoadTo90 Jan 17, 2012 8:18 pm

    Would I want to be President? Boy, that is a loaded question.

    In a way, yes. I love politics, and I have a fair amount of issues I feel passionate about. I also feel I have some good answers to some of those issues / problems.

    However, there’s probably no way I’d ever get voted in. My opinions, especially about moral and social topics, are far too conservative, not that that’s a bad thing.

    Plus, the President is limited, or is supposed to be limited, in his power. There’s only so much he can do – Congress is a big part of the equation.

    So, perhaps it would be better to be a congressman.

    Or, perhaps it would be best to not run at all, and be able to blog and effect change that way.

    I vote no.

  2. Reply TheLongTalk Jan 17, 2012 9:17 pm

    TheLongTalk’s Take:

    TheLongTalk would make a terrible President but would willingly take the job if it was offered… which it wouldn’t be. However the thought of actually running for President is much like the thought of having a colonoscopy on national television… unpleasant.

    TheLongTalk doesn’t envy the current candidates. Having every aspect of your public and private life become food for the never ending media buffet. Every mistake ever made, every bad idea ever put forward, every tragic family moment… relived again and again at each campaign stop.

    It’s one thing to press a candidate on their point of view, their style of government, their theory about Federal power and the role of the executive branch… it’s another thing to ask them if they sleep around on their wife, or if they’re gay, or if they once put a dog in a travel case and then strapped it to the roof of the family car.

    We as voters want to know our candidates and that’s not a bad thing. This world is a much bigger place then it used to be and many (the majority) of people will end up voting for a candidate that they’ve never seen in person and might never see in their entire life. So we want to feel like we know them, but that wouldn’t make it any easier to be the person that everyone wants to know… inside and out.

    4 More Years,

  3. Reply # 12 Jan 26, 2012 5:37 pm


    From looking at your book self you would think you would be the one of us who would most want to be president.

    Really, it can’t be that hard of a job. Hold a ceremony for all the teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, that win championships, give a state of the union address once a year, take a vacation (or 5), suggest some legislation that congress and the house won’t pass and blame it on them, and the golf man, can you just think of how much FREE golf you would get to play as president? You wouldn’t just be in theroadto90 you would get there in no time! Obama’s been playing so much I bet he’s lowered his handicap by 8-10 strokes since being in office. Well, at least he’s done something in these three years I suppose..

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