Leave em wanting more

They say in entertainment, hell, in all of life, you should always leave ’em wanting more.  It makes sense then, that there’s talk online of a Blade Runner Sequel (maybe even a Prequel), in the works.

But why stop with Blade Runner, why not franchise all of cinema’s classics?  Be on the lookout for any or all of the following releases in a theater near you…

Return to Oz -
James Cameron, and the digital dynamos behind Avatar, bring you 17-year-old Judy Garland in “Return to Oz.”  This time, the flying monkeys are in 3D.

Citizen Kane: Stop the Presses –
When the spoiled heir to the Kane Empire, Ricky Freedman (Shia LaBeouf), discovers a dark family secret, it’s an all out race to Rio de Janeiro with a mysterious young woman known only as, Rose Bud.

Father of the Princess Bride - Steve Martin returns as the beloved, and frequently frazzled, George Banks, in the Big Screens First Major Motion Picture Mashup!!!  When Wesley and Buttercup’s son, Scotch, meets recently divorced Annie Banks at the local Wal-Mart, its love at first sight.  But can Billy Crystal and Martin Short make it past the ROUS’s in time to plan the wedding of the century…  it’d take a miracle.

Lawrence of Fort Lauderdale –
A young rebel with nothing left to lose, finds himself the unlikely leader of a rag-tag group of Cuban sweatshop workers, as they fight the capitalist systems that have enslaved them and learn a little something about love.

If you’ve got an idea of your own…  forget it as quickly as possible, then grab hold of any ounce of name recognition that’s still available to you and pitch TheLongTalk your best Hollywood Rehash.

Let’s see what you’ve got,

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