Did you hear about the Sequel to that Reboot?

This is what the Hollywood landscape looks like right now…

At The Box Office
– TRON Legacy: A sequel to a 20 something year old movie that was never popular
– Yogi Bear: A live action outing for a cartoon bear that must be at least 40 years old and was never really popular
– The Chronicles of Narnia #3: The third installment of a franchise that is a distant 78th behind Harry Potter, Twilight, and the like… based on a book that’s probably over 50 and was at one time not all that popular
(Really other then The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, what regular person can name even two more Narnia books… the movie ones don’t count)
– The Fighter: The first non-sequel to make the list
– Tangled: The second non-sequal, sitting firmly at the bottom of IMDB’s listings

Opening This Weekend (The big Christmas weekend)
– Little Fockers: The third in a franchise that never should have happened.  One is enough
– True Grit: The modern remake of a Hollywood classic
– Somewhere: ?
– Gulliver’s Travels: A comedic remake
– The Illusionist: Foreign import
– Country Strong: Gwen’s attempt to launch a country singing career

That’s a grand total of 6 remakes or reboots out of 11 movies.  And the movies that are new are the lowest grossing and least known.  TLT hadn’t even heard of Somewhere until 40 seconds ago.

It’d be easy for TheLongTalk to blame Hollywood for this apparent lack of creativity.  To shout and whine about the death of originality.  To speculate about the intestinal fortitude of those that don’t dare walk even an inch away from the known and established, from the all powerful name recognition and try to create something new…

… but TLT saw TRON and still hasn’t seen The Fighter.  TheLongTalk went to Toy Story 3 but hasn’t bought a ticket for Tangled.  TheLongTalk even saw the A-Team and missed The Rock’s new movie FASTER.  This is really all TLT’s fault.  It’s all our faults.

If we want something new and different, we’ll need to start shelling out some ticket money for new and different… until then we’ll have to be OK with upcoming Highlander reboot, the Spiderman reboot, the Mission Impossible sequel, etc., and etc. 2 “etc. returns”

Coming Soon,

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