Ways to Make Baseball More Interesting

Thinking about baseball today, TheLongTalk realized that America’s Former Favorite Pastime doesn’t have to be so lame.  It could be exciting, it could be entertaining, it could be bigger then Football.  If only everyone would listen to TheLongTalk…

Here’s what’d make Baseball better…

- 7 Innings: Shorten the game and more people will watch.  3 plus hours is to long, especially when most of it is spent watching pitchers adjust their junk.

- Batter/Pitcher Play Clock: You got 15 seconds to swing or pitch.  Fail to pitch in 15 and it’s a ball.  Fail to swing, or at least finish banging the dirt out of your cleats, and it’s a strike.

- Peg the Runner: When TheLongTalk was a kid playing kickball the defense was allowed to peg the runner with the ball and it counted as an out.  It was risky, miss and your runner is almost assured another base if not a run… but connect and it’s super fun.  This would be way more thrilling at Baseball’s high speed.

- Get Rid of the Dead Weight: If you don’t take the field you can’t take the plate.

- Bonus Ring: Add a big Bonus Ring somewhere near center field, next to the wall.  Hit it through and your get two points instead of one.

- Contact at Each Plate: Instead of the runner and the catcher being the only people that get to play full contact Baseball, let each basemen into the action.

- 5th Inning Field Trip: Let fans in the front row come onto the field at the end of the 5th inning, just to walk around a little.  Ticket sales, and prices, would go through the roof.

- Toss It Back into Play: Allow fans to toss the ball back into play within 5 seconds and it’s still live… it doesn’t count as a catch, but you can still throw the runner out.  Think about this in the playoffs… hometown fans would be scrambling for loss balls in order to toss them back to their team and visiting fans would be trying to hide them.  It offers the potential for European Soccer Fan levels of hostility.

- Hat Catch: If an outfield can catch the ball in his hat, it counts as two outs.

That’s just a few ideas off the top of TheLongTalk’s head and it seems like anyone of them would make the MLB 500% cooler.  You’d have to change things for each one, but change can be good.  The minor leagues should at least give some of these a try.

Only half joking,

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