Survivor sick

This season of Survivor has been terrible.  TheLongTalk is a long time fan of CBS’s Survivor series and after last nights double drop out TLT’s gotta say it… worst season ever.

The fourth season when Vecepia Towery won and Rosie O’Donald did the town hall meeting was a bit of a let down.  The next season brought us soft core star and used car salesman Brian Heidik as the most likable contestant on a remarkably unlikable cast.

Other season have had their highs and lows.  Boston Rob, always a fan favorite, left too soon his first time… but he’s had two more chances to win.  Rupert was fun to watch during Pearl Islands.  Trading their clothes for a peanut butter sandwich will have Survivor fans remembering Heidi and Jenna forever.  Russell was ruthless.

But this season… man there’s no one left to root for.  Sure you can vote Jane, and Jeff seems to be selling her pretty hard, but it just doesn’t feel right.  Chase and Sash haven’t done much, and Fabio is fun… but should you win for being fun?

Nay and Kelly Purple leaving at the same time, when all they really needed to do was send out a single… I’m ready to go vibe and they would have been sent home as soon as they’d liked… It’s insane.

Marty or Brenda should be allowed to come back into the game.  They should have a challenge with the three jury members, they could try to start a fire or something, then let the winner back in.  It might give this super lame season the boost it so badly needs.

Hoping Things will Pick Up,

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