Cargument Argument of the Week

Here’s a simple Holiday argument…  White meat or dark?

TheLongTalk’s Take: The only correct answer to the above question is dark meat.  It’s more flavorful, it’s more colorful, and most of it comes from the drumstick which everyone knows is the second best stick after the actual instrumental drum stick… is TheLongTalk lying RT90?  The truth is it wouldn’t even matter if it all tasted the same TLT would still go with dark meat, because like Salma Hayek it’s exotic.

White meat when done properly, meaning not dry as the Sahara Desert, is OK in a pinch.  However on white meats best day it’s still better cold then it is hot, so on the actual Turkey Day go for the dark selection.  If you’re making an after Thanksgiving sandwich, TheLongTalk still advices finding some tasty drumstick… but if that fails then white meat is acceptable.

TheRoadTo90’s Response: TheLongTalk is sadly mistaken in his support of dark meat.

White meat is the king of the white meat/dark meat battle. Unless of course, you like slimy meat. You see, I’m a big food texture freak, so I CAN NOT STAND dark slime-filled meat. I’ve never liked it.

There is something about tearing into a piece of (somewhat) juicy white meat. Pour a little pepper on top, and you’re good to go!

Now, give me that drumstick and I’ll beat some sense into TheLongTalk!

#12 with the correct answer: First of all, I cannot tell you how surprised I am that a topic between white meat and dark meat has stayed clean for so long.  Anyways, #12 is impartial when it comes to the color of the turkey meat.  It’s all the same bird ladies and gentlemen and when #12 gets some meat, he likes variety.

#12 is a all for equality so the white gets just as much love as the dark.  I have no preference.

RT90, I don’t get the food texture argument.  How can texture bother someone so much?  I’ve never been affected to eat or not eat food because of the texture.Who cares about the texture, its all about flavor.  And for #12, I want to taste some dark and some white on turkey day!

I’ve never gotten this argument.  I have some friends who used to look for white meat or dark meat chicken nuggets at McDonalds because they would only eat the white meat, and not the dark.  Are you kidding me?  Who cares!  It’s all the same bird, and it tastes almost exactly the same.  So on turkey day give some love to both camps and enjoy.

Was Joe Dumars ever really a genius?

Back in 2004 it looked a lot like Joe Dumars was a GM genius.  With two strong seasons of Eastern Conference competition under his belt and a third freshly capped by defeating the Hall of Fame heavy Lakers in the Finals everyone seemed to be sold on Dumars.

He’d managed to assemble a working group of castoffs and misfits and to instill in these guaranteed contract millionaires a blue collar attitude.  Not an easy task.

During the next four years his team continued to compete on the highest levels returning to the Eastern Conference Finals every spring, with a 7 game Finals lose to the Spurs… a lose that came down to just 12 minutes of basketball… sandwiched in there for good measure.

So it has been easy for the press to declare Dumars a prodigy and TheLongTalk doesn’t want to take anything away from the man, but lets look at a few of the moves he’s made that haven’t exactly looked brilliant.

- Joe Dumars drafted Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony.
Drafting for positional purposes is always dangerous, ask Portland about passing on Jordan and Kevin Durant.

- Joe Dumars let Ben Wallace walk.
This one is a tough one to criticize because there’s no way Wallace was worth what Chicago was offering him.  So Dumars was wise not to match that money… but it seems like something could have been done to keep the lynch pin of his heroic defense at home in Detroit.

Side Note: Perhaps this one should count against Big Ben instead of Dumars, but Joe was on the clock when it happened so he sort of owns it.

- Joe Dumars traded Chauncy Billups for Allen Iverson.
Another tough move that took a lot of guts and that’s hard to criticize.  As a GM TheLongTalk probably would have done something similar… although TLT would never go after AI.  Billups wheels were bound to fall off, weren’t they?  His contract needed to be unloaded and by bringing in Iverson, Dumars was renting a superstar and getting rid of a heavy contract all in one move.  But Billups was the heart of that team.

- Joe Dumars over paid Charlie V and Ben G.
Dumars desire to rebuild on the fly left him looking for pieces to create a patchwork, instead of blowing the whole thing up and move RIP City and Tayshaun Prince while they still had some value.  He tried to ride the rebuilding fence and now he’s stuck in limbo.

- Joe Dumars one win in the Finals doesn’t really count for much.
This one is mean and a bit of a cheap shot, but lets be real… ruling the Eastern Conference is like being the President of Panama.  Sure you’re the President and that’s pretty cool but it’s not exactly the United States.

Dumars Detroit teams ruled a weak East, winning only one Championship against a Lakers team that was sort of going through some stuff, if TLT is remembering right.  Simply put, if Karl Malone hadn’t been playing on a bum knee and had been able to continue dominance of Rasheed Wallace the Lakers would have won that series.

So when you look at what Dumars has done in that light, was he really a genius.  TheLongTalk would have to say… no.

Joe Dumars is a remarkably talented GM in a lopsided league.  He makes sound decisions, but is susceptible to the pressures of a win now, later, and always.  He’s not a genius, he doesn’t have the Midas Touch, but he has done more with less then most and a better job then many.

Going on and on,

NBA Update

A look at TheLongTalk’s preseason predictions as of 11/20
So how are things shaping up for TheLongTalk’s early season predictions… not very well right now, but there’s still time.

1. Orlando (9-3) P2 – The two sweetest words in the English language, De-Fault
2. Boston (9-4) P4 – Predicted at 4 sitting at 2, but can it last?
3. Chicago (7-4) P3 – TheLongTalk guessed 3, but with a different 2 above them
4. Atlanta (8-5) P6 – Color me surprised
5. Miami (8-5) P1 – Just remember LeBron can get them into the playoffs by himself
6. Indiana (5-6) P10 – If the playoffs started today Indy would be in and more than half the season would be missing, so don’t get to excited Pacers fans
7. New York (6-8) P5 – Pretty sure things could be worse, they could rehire Thomas
8. Cleveland (5-7) P14 – Wow.  Maybe LeBron wasn’t the only player on this team after all.

9. Milwaukee – Projected 7
10. Detroit – Projected 12
11. Charlotte – Projected 9
12. Toronto – Projected 15
13. Washington – Projected 11
14. New Jersey – Projected 13
15. Philadelphia – Projected 8

Lets hope the rest of the season brings some big changes in the East, because TheLongTalk is a long way off.

1. New Orleans (11-1) P9 – Chris Paul has something to prove
2. San Antonio (11-1) P4 – This makes TheLongTalk smile
3. LA Lakers (12-2) P3 – Once again TLT gets the #3 spot, but with the wrong two on top
4. Oklahoma City (9-4) P5 – Close but no cigar
5. Dallas (8-4) P1 – Maybe they aren’t just waiting in the wings, maybe they don’t have any wings
6. Utah (9-5) P2 – This can’t stand, by seasons end the Jazz will be hire then 6
7. Portland (8-6) P6 – They’ve managed to hit 7 even without staying healthy
8. Denver (7-6) P10 – No Anthony news is good Anthony news

9. Golden State – Projected 14
10. Phoenix – Projected 7
11. Memphis – Projected 13
12. Sacramento – Projected 12
13. Minnesota – Projected 15
14. Houston – Projected 8 (Ouch)
15. LA Clippers – Projected 11

So TLT isn’t that much better in the West.  Right now, with around an 10th of the season played things are of course still wildly shifting.  Some teams are just getting their legs and others will be losing them before the New Year.

So far so not that good,

Cargument Argument of the Week

Cargument Argument of the Week

This first Cargument Argument of the Week is an oldie, but a goodie.  The ever popular and always exciting… Should we stop for directions?

TheLongTalk’s Take: When TheLongTalk’s lost TheLongTalk stops for directions, cliché’s be damned.  TLT wants to get back on track, fast.  So the answer is obvious, you should stop for directions at the next gas station.

If you’re rocking a GPS, then TheLongTalk can understand the desire to figure things out for yourself and keep-on-keeping-on, but short of TomTom tech. it’s insane to keep heading in the wrong direction.  If you’re lost right now, why on Earth wouldn’t you be even more lost in 3 minutes?  Get directions, get on track, get to where you’re going.

#12 with the Correct Answer: When by myself, I never have, nor never will ask for directions.  Being lost is too fun to ask for directions.  Now if I am with my wife or with other people and we need to get somewhere fast, then I suppose, eventually, maybe, possibly I would stop and ask for directions.  But, when by myself I am rarely in a hurry to get from point A to point B, so getting lost is fun.  I use to live in Indiana and one day I took a wrong turn and thought I could take another turn to get back where I was supposed to be.  Confused?  Apparently, so was I because I got lost, and did I stop for directions?  Nope.  Did I turn around?  Nope.  I kept exploring (always keeping in mind the general direction I thought I had to go) and found an awesome berry farm (#12 loves berries and fruit).  It was a great find and something I never would have discovered if I had stopped and asked for directions instead of enjoy being lost. Stop and ask for directions?  Where’s the fun in that?

TLT, I understand why you would want to stop and get directions.  If we had listened to your directions instead of mine we would still be lost in a Wyoming forest…

TheRoadTo90’s Reply: I’ve never personally actually had to stop for directions often, but under the right circumstances, I’d say stopping is a must.

Close to out of gas? Stop, hopefully at a gas station
In a rough part of town? Get somewhere less rough and stop.
Impatient significant other with you? You bet your butt you better stop.

Got a full tank in a safe location with no other obligations? Feel free to explore.

Let’s all remember that it was I who insisted I knew the right way home from a trip to Philly, but everyone else didn’t get on board with me. I’d like to remind us all how that trip turned out.

Just sayin’…

Simply Complex

On November 13th Kye Allums became the first man to play NCAA Division 1 women’s basketball.  TheLongTalk doesn’t know all the details surrounding this event, but do the details really matter?  When it became official that Mr. Allums was to be classified as a man it seems as though that should have been the end of his career in women’s basketball.

Remove the ethical, moral, social, and political questions and issues surrounding this situation and it should become clear that a man playing on a women’s team isn’t fair.

Kye is entitled to make his own decisions, he is entitled to live his life as he sees fit, but with ever decision there are consequences.  Decide to jump off the garage roof, you’ll probably break a bone.  Decide to taunt the neighbors dog, you’re going to get bit.  Decide to go to Harvard, then you don’t get to go to Yale.  It’s an expression as old as the hills, born from a timeless truth.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

It isn’t fair to the women on the court that this special man is allowed to continue to play after making the decision he made.  It isn’t fair to the men at the end of the pine on their schools male team, men who might find themselves with significant play time if they were allowed to suit up with the women’s team, that these special privileges are being offered to Mr. Allums.

Certain issues require a delicate touch, nothing is the same for everyone, and this seems to be a special situation but in TheLongTalk’s opinion this doesn’t warrant special attention.  This is simple, this is not one of those special, delicate touch situations.  This is black and white.  If you are a man, and Kye Allums says that he is, his school says that he is, you should not be allowed to play on a women’s team.


NFL: What in the world is a catch?

I hate to say this.  Really I do, but I’m becoming less and less a fan of the NFL.  I know this is blasphemy in the sports world, but I have to be honest.  And it’s not because of the new safety rules, well, maybe it partly is.  I couldn’t agree more with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, when he argues that he should not be the one penalized (or fined) when an offensive player ducks his head before he is tackled and the result is helmet to helmet contact.  He offensive player should bear some responsibility, and to say they not is simply absurd.  But that’s not my biggest issue with the NFL.

My single biggest issue with the NFL is the rules about what makes a catch a catch.  Seriously, what makes a catch a catch in the NFL?  I’m not sure anymore.  What I do know is that Calvin Johnson had a catch in week one against the Chicago Bears.  But the referees said he didn’t, and the Lions lost as a result of it.  Hey, NFL, that was a catch.

And in tonight’s Patriots vs. Steelers game Hines Ward had a catch that was challenged and the play was over turned to no catch.  Ward caught the ball, had complete possession and then his knee then hit the ground while a defensive player was in contact with him.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but compete possession of a ball, knee down and touched by an opposing player equals play over right there, it doesn’t matter what you do with the ball from there because you are down by contact.  How can this be an incompletion?  And here is where it gets real interesting, if this is not yet a catch then Ward cannot yet be down by contact, because you cannot be down if you haven’t yet caught the ball.  Therefore, once the catching motion is complete, once Ward has “really” (according to the NFL) caught the ball he should be able to get up and advance the ball.  But no, the NFL says if you complete the motion of the catch (whatever that means) and contact has happened with your knee down, at any point during the catching process then you are down.  How can this be?  I don’t get it, and its turning me off to the NFL.  The worst part is I’m not even convinced the NFL knows what a catch is anymore or how to deal with the problem I just laid out above.

Possession of the ball, knee down and in contact with a defender should be a catch and the play is dead whenever the ball is at when the knee is down.  I don’t understand how Ward’s catch wasn’t a catch and I don’t understand how you can be down by contact before you have caught the ball.  Please someone, anyone help me with this one.  Because right now, I just don’t get it.


Boob of the Week – Local Walmart

I’d like to start this post by saying that I just found out that Walmart is spelled that way. I always thought it was WalMart or Wal Mart.

Getting back on track, my Boob of the Week award goes to my local Walmart store for this past week’s midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The story goes a little something like this. I made a last minute decision to “experience” a midnight video game release, and since I didn’t feel like driving to the closest mall, I figured Walmart would suffice. What could go wrong? I didn’t anticipate the amount of interest in the game.

A buddy of mine and I go to the store around 11:30 or so, to find a huge line awaiting us. At that point I just hoped that  I wouldn’t be waiting in line for half an hour for nothing.

The magic hour struck. It was midnight! The line began moving but at an awfully slow pace. The line continued to move at a snail’s pace, and when I finally got close enough to the video games section, I learned why.

Walmart, land of a million (ok, ok 20) registers had 1 – count them – 1 register open for the release! ONE! For a line of 100, give or take, people they had 1 register open.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I know they have a strict video game policy as to where you can purchase them, etc., but come on, open some more registers for a special occasion!

Local Walmart, you are this week’s Boob of the Week!

NFL Mid-season Awards

Before the NFL season I made some preseason picks, which don’t look to be turning out too well.   So here is my revised mid-season awards for the NFL.

MVP – I might have had the right division for this winner, the AFC South, but the wrong team.  I went with Matt Schaub to have a breakout year, lead the Texans to a wildcard birth and put up MVP numbers and win the award.  Looks like I am going to be 0-1 so far with my picks.  It looks like Peyton Manning might take home another MVP award, though, #12 does not think he should.  If Philips Rivers turns the Chargers around and they make the playoffs he will be the MVP, however at 4-5 I can’t give it to him now.  And considering only three MVP awards have not gone to a QB or RB it would be foolish not to pick a QB or RB.  But maybe I’m feeling foolish, so right now #12’s NFL MVP pick is Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Has he had the best statistical year? No.  But he does allow the best defense in the league (123 points allowed, least in the league) to do things that no other defense can do.  Steelers are the best team in the league, the defense is the best part of the Steelers, and Polamalu is the best player on the Pittsburgh defense because of what he allows them to do.  It won’t happen by seasons’ end, but Polamalu is my MVP of the league to this point.  If the MVP is the best player (or most dignifcant) on the best team the MVP should go to Polamalu, but it won’t.

Projected preseason picks: 0-1

Defensive MVP – Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers is the popular pick but he is not my pick.  He is my #3ish right now, but not my number #1.  My preseason pick, San Francisco linebacker Patrick Willis, has about zero percent of winning this award, so it looks like my preseason picks will go 0-2 so far.  My defensive MVP right now is Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall.  He singlehandedly beat the Chicago Bears with 4 interceptions in one game and returned one pick for a TD and the Redskins won by 3.  The game against Dallas he stripped Tashard Choice of the ball , recovered the fumble and returned it for a TD right before the half to give the Redskins a 7-3 lead going into the half against Dallas.  While an argument could be made for Matthews, a much better argument can be made for Hall being the Defensive MVP to this point in the season.

Projected preseason picks: 0-2

Offensive Player of the Year – Again, my preseason pick of Adrian Peterson looks to be wrong.  I think for the first time ever this award will go to a Tight End, Anatino Gates of the San Diego Chargers.  Gates has 663 yards receiving, 40 receptions, and is tied for the league lead with 9 TD catches, oh yeah, and he just missed a game.  Gates should return after the Chargers bye week and be fine and keep putting up the numbers he has been all season.  The guy throwing to him, Philip Rivers, could win this award if he goes over 5,000 yards passing and 35 TD passes, but methinks he won’t go over those numbers and Gates, who should win, will win.

Projected preseason picks: 0-3

Offensive Rookie of the Year – This is one is easy, too easy and I got it wrong at the beginning of the season.  I wanted to go with Sam Bradford, but I listened to all the “experts” talk about how good Ryan Matthews would be (note to self: never listen to the “experts” again) so I went with Matthews over Bradford.  I should have went with Bradford because he will win, as he should and he is my midseason offensive rookie of the year winner.  Javad Best of the Lions could give him a run for his money if he finishes strong, but I doubt he will and the Rams in the playoff hunt gives the end to Bradford.  If the Browns keep winning McCoy could make some noise, but do really expect the Browns to keep winning?  Bradford is my pick here.

Projected preseason picks: 0-4

Defensive Rookie of the Year – I think this pick, safety Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs, is the best chance I have of getting a preseason pick right.  Berry has 45 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions, and 2 sacks for the first place Chiefs.  Again, being in the playoff race will be good for drawing attention to Berry to help him win this award.  However, some of the abovementioned “experts” would not agree with me as some say that Ndomnikan Suh of the Detroit Lions is already the best interior defensive lineman in the NFL.  Suh has good stats with 30 tackles, 0 forced fumbles, 1 interception, and 6.5 sacks.  This is good, but with the Lions (still) losing it could take away from votes when Berry might be going to the playoffs with the Chiefs.  Another possibility is surprise Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen who has 34 tackles, 0 forced fumbles, 3 interceptions, and 1 sack.  I’m not a college football guy and without looking it up I could not tell you where Nate Allen played college ball and the sheer surprise factor might just push him into winning the defensive rookie of the year, and the Eagles get far more media coverage than the Lions or the Chiefs which is good for Allen’s chances.  However, Suh gets by far the most media coverage of the three and the smart would put his money on Suh.  But I’m feeling lucky and really don’t want to have an O-fer in the inaugural preseason picks by #12 on so I’m sticking with my pick of Berry and hoping for the best.

Projected Preseason picks: 1-5

Yes that’s right, according to my own projections I should be 1 of 5 on my major preseason.  Dang, .200 is not even a good baseball average.  Anyways, on to my pick to who will win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Pick – My preseason pick to win the Super Bowl was the Vikings.  My desire to see Favre (possibly) go out (who knows he might be back next year) on top overtook any logical pick that I might have made.  And you know, my desire has not changed and neither has my pick.  The Vikings are 3-5 right now, they will finish 10-6 and make the wildcard round of the playoffs and, because this is how sports work, I would not be surprised if they played Randy Moss and the Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl.  However, I’m not going with the Titans in the AFC.  I’ll go Vikings VS. Steelers in the Super Bowl.  With the winner being the Minnesota Vikings! (Here is to hoping, not logic)


Iverson in Turkey

TheLongTalk will assume that everyone reading this has already heard the term, “Jumped the Shark.”  If you haven’t then do a quick Google search, Aye!

While it looks like Allen Iverson has cleared that finned freak by a 1/4 mile.

So now TheLongTalk is suggesting that the term be updated, or at least for the sports world, to the following… Playing in Turkey.

Here’s how it’d work…

– It looks like Allen Iverson is Playing in Turkey
– Do you think Jordan realized that when he was with the Wizards he was actually Playing in Turkey?
– Brett Favre… Playing in Turkey?

Non-sports usage…

– In my opinion 30 Rock has started Playing in Turkey
– How long before Zach Galifianakis is Playing in Turkey?
– The McRib’s Playing in Turkey

This could catch on.  Playing in Turkey could be the new Jumped the Shark, because let’s be honest, isn’t Jumped the Shark really just Playing in Turkey?

See you in Istanbul,

Trash Mouth

Kevin Garnett versus Charlie Villanueva has placed Trash Talk in the spotlight.  So now TheLongTalk would like to invite #12 and TheRoadTo90 to help answer a couple of questions.

- What Counts as Trash Talk?

TheLongTalk’s Take: Not everything said on the court counts.  Communications with ones own team, for the purpose of inspiration or reproach, don’t count in TLT’s book.  In fact, it’d be almost impossible to Trash Talk your teammates outside of practice.  Nope, for TLT, Trash Talk begins when your mouth reaches out to the other team.

Any claim to superior; talent, breeding, hygiene, or chastity in relation to ones own mother, would qualify as Trash Talk in TLT’s book.  As would certain unspoken communications… think Antoine Walker shimmy shake.

Trash Talk can be as simple as, “You suck.” or as complex as, “Did you draw the short straw, cause I CAN NOT think of ANY other reason you’d be guarding me?”

- When Should Trash Talk be Used?

TheLongTalk’s Take: Never.  Plain and simple and explaining my opinion here will step all over my answer below, so just scroll on down scrub.

- Does Trash Talk Do Any Good?

TheLongTalk’s Take: No and that’s why I’d say it’s never worth using.  Sure talking BIG might give a player a little boost, might make them feel like they’re sharper… but it also puts a chip on your opponents shoulder and makes them that much better… so it’s a wash.

People in and around the NBA talk about what a legendary Trash Talker MJ was, how he’d call people out on the court, talk himself up to the press, and take foul shots with his eyes closed.  It was a part of his game and his game was GREAT, so Trash Talk must be great also right?  But don’t you think it inspired more players then it deterred?  Made more people want to gut him then it made afraid of him?

To be honest TheLongTalk does like to communicate a lot on the court, anyone who has ever played BB with TLT knows that.  But if they were to mentally review the transcripts, they’d be hard pressed to find a put down.

A player that needs to put his opponent down to get himself up needs to examine his engine and see what drives him.  TheLongTalk prefers the long stare… the cold dead eyes combined with absolute control our your emotions.  That sends a louder message in TheLongTalk’s opinion… one that doesn’t have to spoken.

- So Now The Challenge

#12 and TheRoadTo90 are encouraged to answer these questions for themselves and to add at least two to the discussion… that is if they can handle it.

You’re Momma’s So…