How to Deal With a Scandal 1

I thought I’d do a take of of TheLongTalk’s recent post.

I’ll keep it simple. It’s incredible easy to begin the process of recovery from a sports scandal – or any scandal for that matter.

3 Little Words – Tell the Truth.

That’s it. Tell the truth. Plain and simple.

Cheating on your wife with scores of women (here’s looking at you, Mr. Woods)? Tell the truth.

Sexting women on the job (here’s looking at you Mr. Favre)? Tell the truth.

And tell the truth at the beginning. Don’t wait until that’s the last available option.

I’m a firm believer that people would have been much more forgiving of Tiger if had just man’d up right at the beginning of his scandal, but he sealed up tighter than Fort Knox, and that only makes matters worse!

So, here’s TheRoadTo90’s formula to being the process of recovery – Tell the Truth!

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  1. Reply thelongtalk Oct 18, 2010 7:24 pm

    You don’t mean the WHOLE truth do you Roadto90?

    TheLongTalk is pretty sure that Tiger wouldn’t want to share the WHOLE truth.

    President Clinton is a great example of not telling the whole truth. At first he lied, then he lied with a twist. Then when he was nailed to the wall he told part of the truth. The part that doesn’t make him look like a dirty old man that stuck cigars places cigars aren’t meant to be.

    Now most people, pulling a totally random… but probably accurate number out of the sky… maybe 63% of American’s don’t think he did anything all that bad. They bought the story that what a man does on his own time, behind his own wives back, is his own business.

    I bet if they heard the WHOLE truth they’d be thinking differently.

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