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Recently The(very)LongTalk posted a blog about the situation of Carmelo Anthony in Denver.  This is a response to the post “Tears in Denver” by TheLongTalk.

If I were the GM of the Denver Nuggets I wouldn’t be crying, I wouldn’t be pissed, I wouldn’t be upset I would just be thankful that I am not the GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Because that prince James did to the Cavaliers is much worse than anything Carmelo is doing to the Nuggets.  Let me explain.

If Carmelo is demanding a trade, as he claims that he is not (and I believe him), it is not much of a demand.  He is showing up in training camp, still plans to play for Nuggets and still wants to win.  A read trade demand means you don’t play for the team you are on and make them trade you.  Anthony is not doing this.  So we cannot be upset with him demanding a trade.  However, even if he were demanding a trade it would be better than what prince James did to the Cavaliers.  At least the Nuggets would know where they stand with the future of Anthony instead of having their hearts torn out on a 3 hour special on the world wide leader of sports.

So for TLT there is no reason to be upset if you know you can’t Anthony past this season.  At least you can put together a good trade package and ship him off somewhere else, instead of waiting for free agency when you believe that you are going to keep him and then he splits for the bright lights of NYC.  Don’t be too upset with Anthony, at least you know where you stand with him as opposed to not knowing that your franchise player plans on taking a dump on all of Ohio.

Being in this situation with Carmelo is better being than being in the same spot last year with prince James.

I do agree with TheLongTalk that the Nuggets do need to trade Carmelo.  Sorry Denver, that’s just the way it is.  We are no longer living in the Jordan vs. Bird days in which neither guy would have thought joining forces because that would mean they couldn’t have bragging rights when they won against the other.  The Nuggets have to trade Anthony, but at least you know where you stand with the guy.  Even if he is demanding a trade we all know he is not staying past this year, which is more than we knew about prince James even 3 months ago.

There is no reason to cry in Denver, because Anthony is not going to treat Colorado the same way prince James treated Ohio.  Don’t cry in Colorado, get the best value for Carmelo that you can and then go win without him.  There is no need for tears in Denver in the same way that there were tears in Ohio.

If you are the GM of Denver you thank Carmelo for at least letting you know where he stands.  And then you remember that at one time Kobe wanted out of L.A. and you pray that Carmelo has the same chance of heart about Denver.  And if he doesn’t by February send him on his way for the best package you can get.  Just be thankful that Carmelo isn’t pulling a prince James because that would make more than just the GM cry.


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  1. Reply TheLongTalk Oct 1, 2010 4:12 pm

    Here’s the thing… letting TheLongTalk know that your planning to leave is nice and all, but not enough to make you my hero.

    If I’m a GM what I want (versus what I actually get) is complete and total loyalty for the length of your career. I want to build a franchise around my franchise player and know that when I’m done he’ll still be there. I want to invest with the hope of returns.

    I think that’s what gets people so upset about LeBron. From all outside appearances Cleveland seemed to be willing to do, try, say anything to make things work. They didn’t hold back, they didn’t nickle and dime him… and still he took all they had invested in him and left with it.

    Then had the nerve to say that Clevelanders who were upset by his leaving had simply been spoiled by his fantastic play.

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