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If you are following the blog and following me on Twitter you know that this morning I played a round of golf.  While I was playing this morning I was bitten many times but what I consider to be the most frustrating or annoying thing in golf.  What is that you ask.

Is it missed putts?  Leaving birdie putts short?  Topping a drive?  Chipping the ball over the green?  Chipping the ball back over the green?

Wrong.  None of these things annoy or frustrate #12 as much as hitting bad approach shots.  Driving can be frustrating but I was driving the ball beautiful today.  I hit a couple that nearly went 300 yards, and not one of my tee shots was OB.  Happy Gilmore would have been proud of my drives.  However, on 6 of the 7 holes that I bogeyed I hit bad approach shots that left me short of the green.  I had beautiful drive after beautiful drive only to go and hit a fat second shot and ruin my good drive.

Now, hitting fat approach shots or bad approach shots frustrates me more than missing par putts because if I had hit a good approach shot and got on the green in regulation I should never have anything worst than a par.  However, the par putts I missed today were mostly because of bad approach shots that cost me a stroke.

So if you are ever playing with #12 you won’t see him get frustrated about too many missed putts.  If I hit a putt on the line I read and the speed and still miss it, I’m still happy because after all I did hit a good putt, just misread it.  So putting, though difficult will not frustrate me.

However, if you are playing with me and I hit some bad approach shots it might not be the best time to offer advice on how to fix the problem.  Because nothing, not nothing in my golf game frustrates me more than hitting a bad approach shot.  What frustrates you most about your golf game?


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  1. Reply TheLongTalk Sep 29, 2010 7:55 pm

    TheLongTalk thinks the most frustrating thing about golf is the last nine holes.

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