Tears in Denver 4

If I was the GM of the Denver Nuggets I’d be crying right now.  Crying because my franchise player wants out, because he’s the main selling point for my marketing department, because their seems to be no way to make him happy at this altitude.

But I wouldn’t cry for long.

Once the tears dried I’d be picking up the nearest phone and send his sorry butt to LA… and not the good side of the Staples Center, but the terrible one with the racist owner.

Anthony at $17,149,243 matches up well with Griffin and Kaman at $17,157,280, toss in a couple of unprotected first round picks and you’ve got yourself a trade.

The benefits for Denver are…

– Kaman is a low level All Star and allows the Nuggets to move Nene who can’t seem to stay on the floor.

– Griffin, even with his history of injury, can be a solid contributor and more importantly can be sold to the fan base as a future All Star with franchise potential.

– With Griffin and Billups running the pick and roll and running up the score for Denver, the Nuggets would be free to move J.R. Smith for whatever 3 point threat they can get… perhaps Jason Kapono who’s $6,641,440 matches close enough with J.R.’s $6,757,851.

– Griffin and Kaman also allow Denver to move Martin out of town for whatever they can get… maybe a beach chair and some umbrellas.

– The satisfaction of seeing Melo suit up with one of the worst franchises in NBA history and knowing that you don’t need his approval to make it happen.  Just knowing that he’s miserable, even if it only lasts one season, would turn my frown upside down.

So why would the Clippers agree to rent Anthony in exchange for an All Star center and an up and coming Power Forward…

– First and foremost, because they’re the Clippers and they often make bad decisions.

– Second, if it “accidentally” got leaked to the press that LA had the opportunity to land a proven franchise player for an untested, knee problem and a fruit basket, post player… and they didn’t take it.  Well that might just make the 9 Clippers fans that are still in existence a little angry.

– The team they’d have really wouldn’t be that much worse then what they have now.  The Clippers would have an energized Baron Davis, something the league hasn’t seen for years, and Carmelo on the break… with Ryan Gomes, Brian Cook, and fill-in scrubs TBA.

– Renting Anthony, even just for a year, is better for the Clippers bottom line then 10 years of Griffin and Kaman barely making the 9th spot and missing the playoff’s.  The buzz that this would create is priceless!

– Giving up first round picks would be tough for LA, but if they traded them for Denver’s second rounders… maybe they might accidentally stumble on to someone like Manu… stranger things have happened.

Now TheLongTalk is willing to admit that this trade will never happen.  Denver could never apply enough spin to this move to make it’s fans happy and LA can’t realistically cut the cord on Griffin without at least a half season of play.

But wouldn’t it be nice to see a year of Anthony’s championship window wasted on the Clippers? To see his heavy handed power play blow up in his face?  To see Carmelo Anthony… the Bird to Lebron’s Magic, the person that was going to go blow-for-blow with The King for years to come and usher in a new era of NBA prosperity… in a Clippers uniform?

With a bit to much schadenfreude,

P.S. The Lakers should try to pick up Dampier for cheap.

4 thoughts on “Tears in Denver

  1. Reply TheRoadTo90 Sep 27, 2010 5:36 pm

    Personally, I’ve never been a huge ‘Melo fan, but that’s probably because I like Lebron. That’s another story for another day…

    He always seemed like a punk to me, plus for years he slightly resembled the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I say this in comparison to other NBA players, not in comparison to yours truly.

    Plus there was the incident where he was on a video or something with some low life gangsters, or something of the sort.

    Just never got a good vibe from him.

    That being said, should the owner be vindictive (as TheLongTalk sounds like he would be) or should he try to get some good players in return before ‘Melo bolts for good?

  2. Reply #12 Sep 28, 2010 11:35 am

    Clippers racist owner?!? Strong words…please explain…


  3. Reply #12 Sep 28, 2010 11:45 am

    I also don’t understand the hatred for Melo…yesterday he saaid “I’ve never said I wanted to be traded. I never once said anything about trade talk.”

    He isn’t asking for a trade its just unlikely that he will re-sign after this season with Denver, which is well within his rights as a free agent. He isn’t asking to be traded he probably just won’t stay, I would be doing the same thing in his situation to test the market after the season. I don’t understand the hatred towards Melo and why TLT is so pissed off at him.

    I don’t get it. What exactly is Melo doing wrong? And trading Melo because you want to get back at him would ensure that you wouldn’t be a GM next season, at least not for Denver…


  4. Reply TheLongTalk Sep 28, 2010 1:27 pm

    TheLongTalk is being a bit vindictive for sure but to be fair, the trade isn’t that bad. Anthony for Kaman, Griffin, and a few unprotected 1st Rounders is solid.

    As for racist Clippers owner. Donald Sterling just paid 2.7 million to settle a discrimination case that was nasty at it’s best.

    As for hating Melo. Hate is to strong a word, TheLongTalk doesn’t even know Anthony.

    As for what Anthony says to the press and what he wants for himself. #12 has to know that those things are not always the same.

    As for why TLT is angry… that’s a little harder to explain.

    It seems to TheLongTalk as though Anthony is attempting to force the GM’s hand. That he wants his cake (to be out of Denver) and to eat it too. (to pick his team)

    And he can have both, as a free agent he will be able to leave Denver and sign with the team of his choice… next season.

    What makes TLT angry is his attempt to use his contract extension as leverage to pick his destination… it’s well within his rights, but it’s sort of a dirt bad thing to do.

    That’s why my gut reaction, if I were his GM, would be to say… “If you want out so badly, you’ll get out… but on my terms, to the team of my choice, and you’ll just have to deal with that.” It’s true that this reaction would probably get me fired, although Dan Gilbert is still the owner of the Cavs.

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