Which one is worst?

73-9 regular season, up 3-1 in the Finals, then lose to Cleveland? 16-0 regular season 18-0 at the Super Bowl, then lose to Eli Manning? Win the Popular Vote, ahead in all the polls, then can’t pull PA and loses to Donald Trump?

Don’t walk… 1

He stood at the intersection of Walnut and 14th. “Don’t walk.” said the homeless man beside him. “What?” “Don’t walk.” He crossed the street and made his way to The Gallery. “Don’t walk.” said the cashier behind the lunch counter. “Sorry. What did you say?” “Don’t walk.” He paid the young lady and took his ...

You saw it here first

East 1  Celtics 2  Raptors 3  Pacers 4  Bucks 5  Sixers 6  Wizards 7  Cavaliers 8  Hornets Celtics over Hornets | Raptors over Cavs | Pacers over Wizards | Sixers over Bucks Celtics over Sixers | Raptors over Pacers Celtics over Raptors – 9  Knicks 10  Heat 11  Pistons 12  Nets 13  Magic 14  Bulls ...

How Much Success?

How much is too much? If something seems too good to be true, is it false? How unbelievable does one have to be, before another is justified in disbelief? Do we take face value at face value, do we look gift horses in the mouth, do we question excellence? When it’s not in anyones interest to uncover ...

Sports King 4

Suppose you were the unquestioned King of a sports league… Which league would you rule and… Why? What changes would you make? Would things be better or worse after your reign?   Here’s TheLongTalk’s take… • TLT would be King of the NBA… cause it’s the only league he knows enough (or cares enough) about to ...

For Me?

She said all the things she thought she was supposed to say. “Oh, thank you so much.” “This is too much, really. You shouldn’t have.” “I can’t believe it, you really surprised me. I’m shocked.” But she didn’t like the gift. Didn’t like the giver. She had to get out of this situation before it ...

Don’t ask

“Where are we going?” She sat up in the seat and checked out the window, the black of the desert… if that’s how you spell dry place… looked back. “We’re going where we’re going.” “But where is that?”

Never stop… unless you want to

“Did you see that thing on TV the other day?” “What thing?” “That thing about the guy?”

Random Reviews of Whatever

 • Brownies are the best cookie… if brownies count as cookies… but if they don’t, they’re still the best cookies. • The first two Bourne movies are better then any and all of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. • Without having seen Stranger Things season two… it still would’ve been better for them to stop ...

You think I’m crazy?

The communist thinks I’m crazy. The communist thinks the free market guy is crazy? For real?